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Kushielverse Reference Section

  • Mont Nuit
    • Houses - General House Information
      • Alyssum House
        • House Motto: With Eyes Averted

          House canon: a little modesty, a little hesitation; "patrons fed their fancies on illusions of modesty - that which is rare is always prized" (KJ 43); shame is a spice; pleasure akin to the violent ones of Valerian House

          Beliefs: Naamah trembled to lay aside her modesty; "there are those among us who believe that Naamah trembled at what she did when first she lay with a mortal man - at the audacity of it, at the shame of it, at the glory of it" (KJ 47)

          The House itself: deep courtyard lined by tall cypress trees, twin deeply recessed entries with high pointed arches (KJ 46); the entrances are separated by gender - a woman, robed and veiled, and a man in a long surcoat with a high collar (girls go in the left, men in the right); private salon for contracts and whatall, no commingling

          Assignation: patrons whisper their desire to the Second and are led one at a time into another room to choose adepts; adepts present themselves robed and veiled ... in sheer, nearly transparent linen, unveil and stand with eyes downcast; the adept asks for lamps to be extinguished, trembles, blushes, whispers to Imri all the things she wished him to do to her

          Adepts: Agnes Ramel is the Second of Alyssum when Imriel and Mavros visit; Mignon is the female adept Imriel chooses

          Notable moments: Alyssum adepts were robed and veiled as Yeshuite priest(esse)s at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque

          Imriel wonders if patrons go to purge their own shame or to revel in that of the adepts.
      • Balm House
        • House motto: Rest And Be Soothed

          House canon: comfort and solace, gentle, healers, peaceful, trust, caught between empathy and desire, grave and joyful (KS 509), tenderness

          Beliefs: Naamah came in compassion, to heal the pain in his soul

          The House itself: Balm House is low and sprawling; reception salon arranged with carved screens into smaller areas, clusters of couches, hanging lamps, potted plants, a small fountain

          Assignation: she undresses him, anoints him with oil all over, he weeps

          Adepts: Eugenie's niece, Clory, studied with a masseur from Balm House - she then says Master Lugard said a raw apprentice wasn't fit to tend to Kushiel's Chosen, so maybe the Balm Adept was Master Lugard
          Nathalie no Balm is Dowayne when Imriel goes in KS
          Emmeline is the adept Nathalie chooses for Imriel (her Naamah's Hands is of gleaming wood)

          "Here, there is healing and Naamah's grace." (KS 218)
      • Bryony House
        • House motto: Wealth Seeks Company

          House canon: shrewd, wealth is their specialty, financial acumen, greed, fueled by avarice and desire, carnival atmosphere

          Beliefs: Naamah made a good bargain of it, "it is a merchant's gift to know the secret desire of her client's heart" (this is from KA, but I've lost the page number)

          Marque: delicate tendrils of bryony climbed her spine, sprouting pale flowers above the spade-shaped leaves (KJ 56); a cluster of yellow and green bryony indelibly inked on the nape of her neck, curling tendrils disappearing beneath the collar of her gown (NK 107)

          The House itself: three stories high, steep gables, every window lit, mullions adorned with ornate reliefs of bryony vine; receiving salon modelled after Hall of Games in the Palace - dice, cards, rhythmomachy, among others

          Assignation: Mavros tells the Dowayne what they seek to earn through a wager, and she names the terms of the bet - the hourglass, Imri, a forfeit if she wins

          Adepts: a Bryony adept was Denise Fleurais's (one of the delegates in Menekhet) mother
          Janelle nó Bryony is the Dowayne when Imri and Mavros visit
          Caroline nó Bryony works at Bryony Associates in Bryn Gorrydum, where she meets Moirin (NK 105); she served in Bryony House for seven years (NK 108)

          Notable moments: Hyacinthe's mom's story - a patron paid Bryony House for the pleasure of seducing a Tsingani virgin; "Why are you crying?" ... "Was the victory worth the cost?" (KJ 59)

          Other information: wealthiest of the Thirteen Houses; only House whose adepts are willing to wager for their favors; an adept takes a bribe to see that Gillimas's cup is never empty in KM; treasury renowned for being more secure than the palace's; first rule of Bryony's patrons is 'never wager against its Dowayne'; as of Naamah's Kiss, Bryony House has opened Bryony Associates, a bank of sorts, which has branches in the City of Elua and in Bryn Gorrydum.

          There are those for whom nothing is more titillating than money.
      • Camellia House
        • House motto: Without Fault Or Flaw

          House canon: perfection, punctilious, proud

          Beliefs: Naamah's perfection unveiled left the Persian king blind for a fortnight

          Adepts: Edmonde Noualt is the Dowayne during Phedre's training under Delaunay; his Second is a tall woman with a long fall of black hair and skin the color of new ivory
          Two adepts for the Showing Phedre and Alcuin watched: man with black hair (the Second's brother), woman a handsbreadth shorter than he with hair like an autumn tumbrel, even paler of skin

          Notable moments: when Mavros is speculating on which House Sidonie went to, he thinks nothing less than perfection should suit a princess, but:
          "she might not care to be reminded that her lineage renders her less than perfect in the eyes of Camellia House" (KJ 45)
      • Cereus House
        • House motto: All Loveliness Fades

          House canon: fragile transience, pale and exquisite, frail bloom and pallor, pale, swooning, unobtrusive grace, beauty of a most ephemeral nature, delicacy of conduct, taught to move like a swaying willow, limbs disposed to grace, heads high with pride, fragile and beautiful; Joscelin's appearance fits the physical canon [clear blue eyes (the color of a summer sky) and hair the color of a wheatfield at harvest (KD 255)], immaculate discretion; "they celebrate the ephemeral nature of beauty" (NK 200)

          Beliefs: beauty is at its most poignant when Death holds poised to wither it; it is a mark of delicacy to find the stronger passions immodest; appreciation for the transient nature of life and beauty

          Marque: intricate patterns of pale green vines and night-blue flowers twining up her spine; a last blossom to shape the finial (KD 24); "a vast unfamiliar flower, ivory tinted with the faintest blush of pink, climbed from the base of her spine to blossom across her lovely shoulders" (NK 215); the livery of Cereus House is a deep twilight blue bearing a subtle gold cereus blossom

          The House itself: an inner courtyard garden where autumn flowers of marigod, amaryllis, and chrysanthemum bloomed in profusion (NK 201)

          Adepts: Miriam Bouscevre is the Dowayne when Phedre is born and adopted/bought
          Ellyn, a girl Phedre's age, to become an adept here
          Suriah, adept of Phedre's childhood, Winter Queen, Second to Dowayne Jareth
          Jareth Moran, Second to Dowayne Miriam, sits on the cabinet for the Guild of the Servants of Naamah while Phedre is revolutioning
          Jacinthe, a girl whose marque Cereus bought in Phedre's childhood
          Donatien, a boy whose marque Cerues bought in Phedre's childhood
          Cecilie Laveau-Perrin, adept under Dowayne Miriam, Phedre and Alcuin's teacher, widow of Antoine Perrin
          Jean-Louis, the adept who 'entertains' Phedre at Melisande's fete
          Neriel nó Cereus, Dowayne when Moirin visits Cereus House
          Jehanne de la Courcel, the Queen of Terre d'Ange as Daniel de la Courcel's second wife, and Moirin's patron/lover in the D'Angeline court
          Etienne, an adept with whom Jehanne was often paired for Showings before she married Daniel

          Notable moments: Jareth Moran provides the 15 tokens for Phedre's Boys while he is Dowayne

          Other information: founded by Enediel Vintesoir, credited as founder of the Night Court; first and greatest lesson we learn in Cereus House is silence; Dowayne has a seat on City Judiciary; has always been First: from it grew Night Court proper; hosts the Midwinter Masque; always supplies the Winter Queen and maintains that theme; they tell a story of Naamah's temptation of Cassiel (KD 512); Cereus's explanation (NK 394)

          All beauty's transient, but I'm not one to ache at its passing - or at least not to relish the ache (Ti-Philippe). In Ysandre, Phedre sees "steel beneath a fragile bloom" (KD 211)
      • Dahlia House
        • House motto: Upright And Unbending

          House canon: brassy gold hair, reserve and solemn air, dignified, proud, haughty

          Beliefs: Naamah bestowed herself like a queen

          Adepts: Juliette, a girl Phedre's age, was to become an adept here

          Notable moments: "challenged Cereus's sovereignty" with cloth-of-gold theme at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque

          Mavros thinks Sidonie wouldn't go here because "she's haughty enough as it is, she'd not seek more of the same" (KJ 45)
      • Eglantine House
        • House motto: To Create Is To Live

          House canon: madcap genius; artists' House - players, poets, artists, musicians, dancers, and tumblers, and clothiers; limit to the acceptable number of freckles; repository of lore and learning; supports behavior in its children reckoned brazen in Cereus; know the art of telling tales as well as that of draping cloth

          Beliefs: Naamah charmed with the sweetness of her song

          Marque: green and gold livery for the adepts (KD 274); Phedre sees an apprentice "wearing the green and white of Eglantine House" (KC 40); adepts at Sidonie's 17th birthday wear green and gold ribbons twined in their hair

          Assignation: Eglantine adepts appear at all kinds of parties throughout the series: Phedre's fete for Hyacinthe, Sidonie's 17th birthday fete, and Imriel+Sidonie's wedding. Additionally, Eglantine stages/hosts a feast with dancers, tumblers, singers, and musicians for the Carthaginians in KM

          Adepts: composer of Passion of Naamah, Japheth no Eglantine-Vardennes, was born to a male Eglantine adept
          Favrielle no Eglantine
          Livia, Favrielle's apprentice
          Noreis, a tailor who serves Favrielle
          Roussillon no Eglantine - writer Phedre meets at Favrielle's (KC 56)
          Moirethe Lereux - Dowayne when Phedre pays off Favrielle's marque, plays the harp, lacks the "madcap streak" of the rest of her House
          Anselme, a male apprentice attending Moirethe when Phedre paid Favrielle's marque
          Master drummer, _____ Duval, had daughter Audine Duval (with an Ephesian dancing girl) who translated Phedre's Jebean scroll (the Khefra Neghast)
          Simon no Eglantine, adept wearing satyr's mask that Imri meets on Longest Night, performs at Sidonie's 17th birthday fete
          Dorian no Eglantine, an adept who travelled a year in Skaldia collecting myths and making sketches which he gathered into the book that Favrielle shows Phedre

          Notable moments: dressed as Tsingani at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque

          Other information: has a copy of Sarea's History of Namarre; they have leave to design their own costumes for the new-made adepts' debut

          "worth visiting for the poets and players alone"
      • Gentian House
        • House motto: Truth And Vision

          House canon: mystics, dreamers, all adepts trained to aid patrons in giving voice to night's visions

          Beliefs: Naamah was filled with a mystic purity of spirit

          Marque: mark of the House: gentian flower circumscribed by a full moon; marque of Gentian ... complete even to its moon-and-flower finial

          Assignation: bath with attendant apprentice and two House musicians, two apprentices dance for their pleasure, massage by young female adept while male lyrist plays, opium, sex while girl watches, sleep, woken by dream

          Adepts: Louvel, the priest who taught Phedre, earned his marque here - he also trained Nehailah, the priestess Imri met in Alba
          The Dowayne (in KC) is tall man with greying hair and leaf-green eyes
          Raphael Murain no Gentian, Phedre's adept, ash-brown hair to his waist and grey eyes, reminds her of Alcuin, becomes a Priest of Naamah by KJ

          Notable moments: Gentian House was masked as seers with opium censors at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque

          Other information: adepts take an oath to keep secret what they see in the dreams

          Mystics and visionaries number among her adepts, and many of of them join the priesthood of Elua after their marques are made.
      • Heliotrope House
        • House motto: Thou And No Other

          House canon: ardent, devotion, adoring

          Beliefs: Naamah basked in love as in the sun

          Notable moments: Mavros thinks Sidonie favors unwavering devotion and thus chose Heliotrope for her first assignation (KJ 45)

          Adepts there will make you feel like the only man ever to touch their hearts.
      • Jasmine House
        • House motto: For Pleasure's Sake

          House canon: indolent and sensual, ivory skin is too pale for their canon, desire, sensuous, pure unadulterated sensuality

          Beliefs: Naamah lay with the Persian king for pleasure

          the House itself: reception salon is an undulating space, full of semiprivate niches, thick Akkadian carpets, massive cushions, and fretted lamps

          Adepts: Liliane de Souverain (Phedre's mum, line ancient in Naamah's service)
          Dowayne Jehan ___ in Phedre's childhood (KD 8)
          Dowayne Yolande Caradas in KM
          Marielle, the adept who helps Imriel get the jump on the Unseen Guildsman

          Notable moments: Jasmine House flaunted the exotica of faraway lands- young Second danced in a cloud of veils- at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque

          Other information: Bhodistani blood in the torrid lineage of Jasmine House; adepts will leave you limp as a dishrag, half drowned in the sweat of desire; Sidonie actually chose Jasmine for her first assignation (nice try, Mavros) (KJ 45)

          "Patrons shouldn't come to Jasmine House wine-sotted. They tire too quickly for us" (KM 102)
      • Mandrake House
        • House motto: Yield All

          House canon: sadism and domination, mastery, delightful wickedness

          Beliefs: Naamah chose her patrons like victims and whipped them to violent pleasures, leaving them sated and half-dead

          Notable moments: black velvet/silk and bronze masks (Court of Tartarus) at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque...
          "black velvet, like a moonless night, and silk like a black river under stars; bronze masks, horned and beaked, at once beautiful and grotesque."
      • Orchis House
        • House motto: Joy In Laughter

          House canon: bestowing joy in the act of worshipping Naamah; gaiety, laughter, a sense of sunlight, pleasure, merriment, lighthearted

          Beliefs: Naamah lay with the Persian king for a lark

          Adepts: Calantia, a girl Phedre's age, was to become an adept there
          Mierette no Orchis, a former adept with her own salon, attends Alcuin's debut and later receives him as a birthday gift

          Notable moments: Orchis House had a stunning aquatic theme with mermaids and fantastic sea-beasts at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque; group of noblemen took Severio Stregazza here for lovemaking and merriment; Dowayne coaxed a Tsingano fiddler into playing a lively tune at Phedre's fete for Hyacinthe

          Cecilie bestows Alcuin on Mierette, adorned in scarlet ribbons and nothing else... Mierette's laughter, I am told, rang from the rafters.
      • Valerian House
        • House motto: I Yield

          Canon: propensity to find pleasure in the extremity of pain and trained in the receiving thereof, atonement, sweet yielding games of power; Imri sees pride in them, "they wanted to be challenged" (KS 346); singular pride, deep and untouchable (KS 509)

          Marque: a scrolling base of Valerian leaves etched on the small of her back, beginning to climb her spine (KS 349)

          The House itself: long entrance warded by trees on either side; the Shahrizai maintain their own chamber here (their standing contract includes no maiming, no branding or flechettes, no scars unless agreed upon in separate contract beforehand)

          Assignation: Valerian's adepts present themselves, naked, bowing, eyes downcast; the adepts refuse to use clients' first names, calling them rather 'my lord' or 'my lady'

          Adepts: Jean-Baptise Marais is the Dowayne during Phedre's childhood
          Didier Vascon is the Second during Phedre's training and Dowayne when Imri goes with the Shahrizai in KS
          Sephira is the adept Imri gets involved with - her signale is "sunshine"

          Notable moments: Valerian appears in a hareem motif (Pasha's Dream) at Phedre's first Midwinter Masque; the Shahrizai mourned for Baudoin and Lyonette here

          Other information: lesson of the spiced candies

          Phedre's view on Valerian: "Any spark of disobedience or rebellion had long been conditioned from the adepts of Valerian House; and how not, when their motto was, 'I yield'? Mighty Kushiel did not minister to the yielding, but to those who disobeyed and dared suffer the agonies of defeat." (KD 130)

          Melisande's comments on Valerian adepts: "the others, who are trained to it from birth, like hounds cringing under the whip for a kind touch from their master's hand" (KD 320)

          Delaunay's view on Valerian and its patrons: "whipping toy for ham-fisted tradesmen" (KD 360)

          In short, everyone in Dart is incredibly snobby and contemptuous toward this House. Both Imriel and Mavros, though, see and acknowledge the pride of Valerian's adepts. I'm inclined to think that Phedre just skews the perceptions of those around her.

          "These are Naamah's Servants, bound to her worship in their own way. And yes, they serve Kushiel, too, and find pleasure in it. No one is here against their will" (KS 344)
    • Marques
      • Houses of the Night Court
        • Bryony
        • Delicate tendrils of bryony climbed her spine, sprouting pale flowers above the spade-shaped leaves (KJ 56); a cluster of yellow and green bryony indelibly inked on the nape of her neck, curling tendrils disappearing beneath the collar of her gown (NK 107)

          Intricate patterns of pale green vines and night-blue flowers twining up her spine; a last blossom to shape the finial (KD 24); "a vast unfamiliar flower, ivory tinted with the faintest blush of pink, climbed from the base of her spine to blossom across her lovely shoulders" (NK 215)

        •  Complete even to its moon-and-flower finial

        •  A scrolling base of Valerian leaves etched on the small of her back, beginning to climb her spine (KS 349)
      • Phèdre's Marque
        • With some effort, I recognized the underlying design, which was based on a very old pattern, the briar rose. Somehow Master Tielhard had kept the dramatic vigor of the archaic lines, yet infused them with a subtlety that spoke at once of the vine, the bond and the lash. The thorny lines were stark black, accented in only a few choice hollows with a teardrop of scarlet - a petal, a drop of blood, the mote in my eye. Primitive, yet sophisticated, I adored it. (KD 156)

          Thorny black lines, intricate and powerful, rose from the graceful scrollwork at the base to twine upward the full length of my spine, ending in an elegant finial. The teardrop-shaped accents had been used sparingly, serving as vivid counterpoints to the black lines and my own ivory skin. (KD 584)
  • Royal & Noble Families
    • Royal Family
      • House Courcel
        • House Courcel holds the throne of Terre d'Ange. The Courcel crest is a silver swan on a royal blue background; often, the Courcel flag is flown with Elua's own flag, a golden lily surrounded by seven stars on a green field.
          The eldest scion of the direct line of House Courcel inherits the throne, regardless of gender. The monarch must be crowned in the City of Elua.
          House Courcel is descended very directly from Elua, although of course their marriages have brought traces of the other companions' lineage into the line.
          Courcel livery is midnight blue. The Palace Guard wears it. The Dauphine's Guard, once she is of age, wears Courcel blue with vertical stripes of a paler blue (KJ 425).
          Queen's Couriers carry a pennant, a square of rich blue with a diagonal bar of silver (KS 21).
          Lord Robert is the Royal Chamberlain under Ysandre (KM 615).
          Apparently, the ruling monarch costumes herself as the Snow Queen at the Palace's Longest Night masque (KC 74)... even though in Scion, she is arrayed as Summer (276). In Mercy, though, she is "glittering in wintry white" (66).
          Sitting rulers had been known to summon the Dowayne of Cereus House for counsel, four generations or more before Ysandre's rule.

          Members of House Courcel (spoilers thru Avatar, although they're not major, merely by characters' existence; spoilers thru Dart for actual plot points):

          Ganelon de la Courcel: The oldest of the siblings (Ganelon, Lyonette, Benedicte-- we don't know the relative ages of the younger two), Ganelon inherited the throne of Terre d'Ange and married Genevieve (presumably de Somerville). His only son was Rolande de la Courcel; Ysandre is his granddaughter. Ganelon died near the end of Dart, during the Bitterest Winter, right before the Skaldi invasion.

          Benedicte de la Courcel

          Lyonette de Trevalion: Lyonette married Marc de Trevalion and birthed Baudoin and Bernadette. Lyonette was known as the Lioness of Azzalle (Trevalion is an Azzallese House). She and Bernadette are Princesses of the Blood; Baudoin was a Prince of the Blood. Lyonette and Baudoin commit treason by conspiring with Foclaidha of Alba to put Baudoin on Terre d'Ange's throne. Lyonette and Baudoin are both sentenced to death; Lyonette takes poison, while Baudoin falls on his sword.

          Rolande de la Courcel: Rolande is Ganelon's son, the Dauphin of Terre d'Ange. Rolande and Anafiel Delaunay were in love/lovers. At first, Rolande was betrothed to Edmée de Rocaille. Edmée died in a hunting accident when her rival, Isabel L'Envers, cut her saddle girth. Isabel and Rolande were eventually wed; Ysandre is their daughter. For Rolande's sake, Anafiel swore Cassiel's Oath to protect Ysandre. Anafiel also wrote a poem naming Isabel L'Envers a murderess; his poems were declared anathema, but Rolande intervened and protected him from further consequences. Rolande died at the Battle of Three Princes while fighting the Skaldi.
          Phèdre was too young to remember this battle (KD 30).

          Ysandre de la Courcel

          Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel

          Sidonie de la Courcel

          Alais de la Courcel

          Courcel Family Tree
          **Spoilers thru the first chapter of Naamah's Kiss**

          A very gracious friend of  www.kushielverse.com  has created a detailed family tree which includes all the Noble Families of Terre d'Ange.
          Courcel Family Tree

    • Noble Families (listed alphabetically)
      • House d'Aiglemort
        • **Spoilers for Dart are inevitable in Isidore's section; Maslin's section contains spoilers for Scion, Justice, and Mercy as well**

          Aiglemort is a duchy, presumably, since Isidore is a Duc. It is in Camlach. The duchy is deeded to the Unforgiven after the events of Dart (KS 51). Duc Maslin d'Aiglemort fathered Isidore d'Aiglemort.

          Isidore d'Aiglemort was a friend of Baudoin's; Phedre met them both when she was nine years old, attending the Longest Night at Cereus House. Isidore had glittering pale blond hair; he was called Kilberhaar by the Skaldi. He conspired with Melisande Shahrizai to betray Terre d'Ange to the Skaldi, although Melisande double-crossed him in the end. He died a hero, returning to his realm's aid and defeating Waldemar Selig, although he took his death wounds in so doing.

          Isidore, before the war with the Skaldi, impregnated the gardener's daughter on one of his estates, Lombelon. Maslin de Lombelon was born after the war and was given his title and his land (Lombelon, an estate in L'Agnace which distills pear brandy) by Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel, who inherited Lombelon through a bizarre series of giftings/inheritances (KS 51). Maslin came to the Palace and served in Sidonie's guard, falling in love with her, more or less. He went to rescue Imriel from Vralia, but it didn't go quite as planned. Maslin chose to remain in Vralia as the D'Angeline ambassador to Tadeuz Vral (KJ 575, 632), although he returns to Terre d'Ange for Imriel's wedding.
      • House L'Envers
        • It is probably safe to assume that L'Envers is the sovereign duchy of Namarre, given Duc Barquiel's preeminence.
          House L'Envers is of Namarrese descent, with a strain of Kusheline blood. Their arms feature the bridge over the river of Hell; the password of their House is "the burning river".
          Violet eyes are a trait of House L'Envers: Barquiel, Isabel, Valère, Ysandre, Nicola, and Alais all have them.
          L'Envers's House color is purple, presumably the same royal purple as their eyes (KC 658)

          Members of House L'Envers:
          **spoilers that are really backstory and not plot points thru Chosen**

          Barquiel L'Envers

          Isabel L'Envers: Barquiel's sister, Rolande's wife, and Ysandre's mother. Isabel was blond with purple eyes, a true scion of House L'Envers, and she arranged for her rival's death. Edmée de Rocaille died of a cut saddle girth, and Anafiel Delaunay wrote a satire naming Isabel a murderess. For that, Delaunay's poetry was banned,
          but Rolande, his lover, protected him from further consequences. Rolande also married Isabel and fathered a daughter, Ysandre de la Courcel. After Rolande's death at the Battle of Three Princes, Isabel "began positioning members of her own family to assume power" (KD 118). She was poisoned by Thérèse and Dominic Stregazza - Dominic gave Vitale Bouvarre the salver of poisoned candied figs, but it was Thérèse who knew how she loved them (KD 283).

          Nicola L'Envers y Aragon: Nicola is Barquiel's cousin; she has bronze hair and the violet L'Envers eyes. Although she is married to an Aragonian noble, Ramiro Zornín de Aragon, she visits the City of Elua occasionally. Nicola's sons are Serafin, the elder, and Raul, the younger. In Chosen, she contracts Phèdre for an assignation on Barquiel's orders to question her about Melisande's whereabouts. When Phèdre refuses to trust Barquiel, Nicola entrusts her with the password of House L'Envers: the burning river. Phèdre uses this password to beg Barquiel's aid to protect the City of Elua when Melisande and Benedicte's treachery is revealed. Out of gratitude, Phèdre bestows the only lover's-token she ever gives a patron on Nicola. In Avatar, Nicola's husband Ramiro has become the King's Consul of Amílcar (KA 138). He and Nicola aid Phèdre and Joscelin in their quest to find Imriel. In Scion, Nicola and her younger son Raul visit the City of Elua. Nicola brings Imriel the Bastard, a speckled Aragonian horse, and Raul becomes one of Imriel's friends. In Mercy, Nicola aids Sidonie and Imriel in returning to Terre d'Ange from Carthage's outpost in Aragonia.

          Serafin L'Envers y Aragon

          Raul L'Envers y Aragon

          Valère L'Envers (the Lugalin Valère-Shamabarsin)
      • House Maignard
        • Baron de Maignard, a Kusheline lord who lived near Casimar Shahrizai's estates, married Victoire, an Azzallese lady. She had an affair with Casimar, and she refused to acknowledge her obviously half-Shahrizai son as his. In revenge, Casimar got the Baron involved in a scheme that left him penniless. Victoire became a laundress. Her great-grandson is Leander Maignard. Melisande bought the family out of penury in exchange for their loyalty (KM 158-9). They followed her into exile on Cythera, and Imriel met Leander and learned (hey I just realize those two words are anagrams!) the story when he escaped to Cythera to beg Melisande's aid to save Sidonie and Terre d'Ange.
      • House Mereliot
        • Mereliot is the sovereign duchy of Eisande. The 'capital city', essentially, is Marsilikos, a seaport roughly corresponding to real-life Marseille. Marsilikos is always ruled by a Lady, because it was Eisheth's own city, and so the heir and head of House Mereliot is always female.
          The Lady of Marsilikos's banner is Eisheth's sign: two golden fish, head to tail so they form a circle on a sea-blue field. The livery of her household is sea-blue with gold braid and Eisheth's crest (KS 899).
          Scions of House Mereliot tend toward dark hair and dark or smoky grey eyes.

          Duchese Roxanne de Mereliot is the Lady of Marsilikos during the Kushiel's Legacy novels. She has two children a little older than Imri: Gerard and Jeanne (KS 899, 902). Gerard is the Captain of his mother's Guard. Jeanne is younger than Gerard, her mother's heir, and a chirurgeon; in Scion, she sleeps with Imriel, welcoming him home (KS 905). Both children studied in Tiberium. Gerard accompanies Imriel back to the City of Elua with some of his mother's guardsmen.

          **spoilers for Mercy**
          When Imriel escapes from the City of Elua to go and beg aid from his mother, he visits Jeanne de Mereliot in Marsilikos. She and other physicians are studying, trying to find a cure for the apparent madness that grips the City, and Imriel tells her what he himself experienced that night. Jeanne offers Imriel a respite, Eisheth's mercy- a night in her bed before his quest takes him so far away. Imriel refuses out of a need to keep Sidonie's memory bright and strong.
      • House Montrève
        • Montrève is a small holding located in Siovale. It is administered by the seneschal Purnell Friote and his wife Richeline. By Scion, they have several children: Denis is the oldest, while Katherine and Charles are roughly Imri's age. Katherine is "a year and some months" Imri's elder (KS 15).
          Montrève's banner is "green, a crescent moon in argent upper right, and sable crag lower left" (KC 9). Phèdre added Kushiel's Dart to one quadrant: a gold dart piercing a ragged crimson circle (KJ 253).
          Montrève's colors are forest green and gold (KM 413, 557).
          Artus Labbé is Phèdre's kennel-master (KS 142).

          Members of House Montrève

          **spoilers for Kushiel's Dart**
          Comte de Montrève: Anafiel's father, Sarafiel Delaunay's husband. A minor Siovalese lordling.

          Sarafiel Delaunay de Montrève: Anafiel's mother, an Eisandine noblewoman. She sent Anafiel to Marsilikos to be fostered with Roxanne de Mereliot, and Anafiel took her name after his father abjured him. Roxanne mentions that Sarafiel knew an old Eisandine tale about Elua and a fisher-lad named Delaunay (KD 565).

          Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève:
          **major spoilers for Dart and a tiny nearly irrelevant plot point from Scion**
          Anafiel fell in love with Rolande de la Courcel and chose to join his life to the Dauphin's. His father abjured him, but Anafiel left anyway. He studied at the University of Tiberium and was trained by the Unseen Guild, although he refused their offer to join. Rolande and Anafiel quarrelled bitterly after Rolande married Isabel; Anafiel wrote a poem naming her a murderess. When Ysandre was born, the two men reconciled, and Anafiel swore Cassiel's Oath to protect Ysandre. Then Rolande died.
          Anafiel found himself closed out of the upper echelons of the court, so he adopted Alcuin and Phèdre and trained them to serve as Servants of Naamah, as bedroom spies. After Alcuin made his marque, he and Anafiel enjoyed a brief interlude of a love affair. Then they were both murdered.

          Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève

          Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel
      • House Morhban
        • House Morhban is the sovereign duchy of Kusheth, because it includes the Pointe d'Oeste (KD 314). Near it, there is the Isle d'Oeste, which contains a temple to Kushiel (KD 623). The castle of Morhban is a sturdy fortress sitting on a rocky escarpment above the sea (KD 624).

          Duc Quincel de Morhban holds the title during the Kushiel's Legacy novels. He sees Phèdre at the Kusheline fete on the Longest Night when she is contracted by Melisande; he is masked as a wolf.
          He has greying sandy hair and dark iron grey eyes, lean and rugged features (KD 619).
          Phèdre passes a night with him in exchange for passage to Quintilius Rousse's fleet. He gifts her with a ring of black pearls (KD 632).
      • House Rocaille
        • The Comte de Rocaille, father of Edmée and David, was lord of one of the largest holdings in Siovale. There is a small university there, where the Kindred of Shemhazai study the sciences, and he donated his famous library (KD 121).

          Edmée de Rocaille was Rolande de la Courcel's first intended. She was the daughter of the Comte de Rocaille. Isabel L'Envers bribed/charmed a stable-boy to cut her saddle girth so that she died in what appeared to be a hunting accident. Edmée had known of the romance between Anafiel Delaunay and Rolande, and she approved of it. Her portrait hangs in the Hall of Portraits in the Palace; she is a gentle-looking woman with brown hair and eyes.

          David de Rocaille nó Rinforte, Edmée's brother, was one of Ysandre's Cassilines. He tried to assassinate her in La Serenissima and was slain by Joscelin in the most badass Cassiline duel ever. Since the old families usually send the middle son to the Cassilines, it seems likely that David and Edmée had two brothers, one older, one younger
      • House Rousse
        • Quintilius Rousse is the Royal Admiral; his grandfather was Serenissiman. He was a trusted friend of Anafiel Delaunay, and Phèdre and Quintilius have an affectionate relationship as well. In Dart, he fathered a son with Grainne, the Lady of the Dalriada.

          Eamonn mac Grainne, that son, is several months (almost a year) older than Imriel. Eamonn fosters with Phèdre and Joscelin at Montrève for a summer, where he and Imriel establish a close, lasting friendship. Eamonn leaves for the University of Tiberium, and Imriel joins him once he has gained his majority. While there, Eamonn falls in love with and courts Brigitta of the Manni tribe of the Skaldi. They get married in Lucca, but Brigitta's brothers whisk her home, and Eamonn adventures through Skaldia to find and retrieve her. They have a one year old son by the time Imriel and Sidonie are wed (KM 641).

          **historical backstory from Naamah's Kiss**
          Eamonn and Brigitta founded a university for studying and book-learning at Innisclan.
      • House Shahrizai
        • House Shahrizai is (according to themselves) the oldest and purest bloodline of Kushiel. It has extensive holdings along both coasts of Kusheth (KS 133), and members of House Shahrizai don't use land-titles among themselves. They are very, very loyal to one another and to the family itself.
          Shahrizai livery is ornate gold on black brocade, "black velvet adorned with gold brocade" (KS45). Their arms are three linked keys, Kushiel's keys to Hell.
          The men wear their hair in plaits like tiny chains or a river of fine-linked chains; the women wear it long and loose. Blue-black hair, sapphire eyes, and ivory skin are the stamp of House Shahrizai.

          Branion is one of House Shahrizai's retainers who is sent to the Palace to keep an eye on Marmion.
          The Shahrizai estate just outside the city is run by the stewart Isembart (KJ 420).

          Members of House Shahrizai
          **spoilers for Dart and minor ones for Chosen**

          Faragon is the ruling Duc de Shahrizai, who left his estates for the first time in fifteen years in Chosen for Marmion's trial (158). His hair is silver from age.
          Sacriphant (Mavros's father) is Melisande's uncle (KS 135).
          Fanchone (Baptiste and Roshana's mother) is Melisande's first cousin (KS 135).
          Marmion and Persia turned Melisande in to Quincel de Morhban at the end of Dart.
          Persia helped Melisande escape from Troyes-le-Mont.
          In an effort to prove this, Marmion kinda accidentally killed Persia.
          Tabor swore blood-feud with Marmion over it. Tabor is a random cousin, roughly Melisande's age, whom Phèdre sees when the Shahrizai are going to mourn Baudoin's death in Valerian House.


          Melisande Shahrizai de la Courcel

          Mavros is Imriel's first cousin once removed. Mavros is seventeen the winter before Imriel turns sixteen (KS 197).
          Baptiste and Roshana (half-sibs) are his second cousins.
          Aprilios (m), Thiela, and Sonoril are other cousins roughly Imriel's age.

          Casimar Shahrizai
      • House Somerville
        • Somerville lies in L'Agnace. A scent of apples hangs in the air when members of the Somerville family are emotional, as they are scions of Anael (KC 78), which at least implies that other families descended from Anael have similar reactions to stress.
          Somerville was elevated to the sovereign duchy of L'Agnace after the Skaldic invasion.

          Members of House Somerville

          *spoilers for Chosen, like, really really serious ones**
          Percy is the Duc de Somerville. In Dart, he was the Comte de Somerville; after the Skaldic invasion, he was promoted and named Royal Commander (KC 13). Percy was fond of Lyonette de Trevalion and pledged her the Royal Army's support for Baudoin's bid for the throne (KC 328). He is also a Prince of the Blood on Ysandre's grandmother's side (KC 658).

          Ghislain is Percy's son. He was granted the duchy of Trevalion in Dart after Lyonette and Baudoin's treason, and he married Bernadette de Trevalion when Ysandre recalled her from exile. Their son, Bertran de Trevalion, is the heir to Trevalion and, presumably, Somerville. When Percy's treachery was exposed, Ghislain renounced his family and became Ghislain nó Trevalion.
      • House Trente
        • Lord Amaury Trente headed the progressus in Chosen as commander of the Queen's Guard and the delegation to Menekhet in Avatar.
          His children, Colette (female) and Julien (male), are Imriel's age (KS 196). They accompany Imriel and Mavros to Alyssum House, as well as participating in other general Court activities.
          Colette marries Raul L'Envers y Aragon in the summer after Imriel's wedding (KJ 133).
      • House Trevalion
        • House Trevalion holds Pointe des Soeurs, the point closest to Alba (KJ 402), and is presumably the sovereign duchy in Azzalle.
          House Trevalion's personal quarters are on the third floor of the Palace (KJ 8).
          Sea-grey eyes run in the Trevalion family: Baudoin and Bernadette both have dark hair and grey eyes (KJ 9).

          Marc, Duc de Trevalion, married Lyonette de la Courcel. They had two children: Baudoin and Bernadette.
          Baudoin attended the University of Tiberium, until he was expelled for unnamed escapades (KD 50). He played the Sun Prince when Phèdre was 10. He and Lyonette were executed for treason.
          Marc and Bernadette were exiled, then recalled to cement Ghislain de Somerville's place in Trevalion -- Bernadette and Ghislain were married. The inheritance of Trevalion (and presumably Somerville) hangs on their son, Bertran de Trevalion. He is roughly Imriel's age (KS 196).

          **spoilers for Scion**
          Bernadette hired a man to kill Imriel while he was in Tiberium.

          Gaspar Trevalion, the Comte de Forcay, was a friend of Delaunay's and cousin of Marc's. He became friends with Solaine Belfours while she was fostered at Trevalion.

          Ghislain nó Trevalion
      • House Verreuil
        • House Verreuil is a Siovalese holding and family.
          Its members are traditional and borderline stubborn, holding to the old traditions such as sending the middle son to Cassiel's service.
          The men of House Verreuil tend toward tall, blonde, and elegant bone structures.

          Members of House Verreuil

          Chevalier Millard Verreuil is Joscelin's father (KA 119)
          Lady Ges is Joscelin's mother.
          Luc is Joscelin's older brother. Luc is married to Yvonne. Yvonne's mother is Marquis Tibault de Toluard's cousin (KA 127).
          Mahieu is Joscelin's younger brother. Mahieu's wife is Marie-Louise.
          Jehane is Josceline's older sister; she has made a hobby of genealogy. As of Avatar, Jehane has a pair of teenage sons.

          Joscelin Verreuil
      • Other Nobility
        • These characters may be members of the Great Houses of Terre d'Ange, but they are the only members of their families who are referenced within the series.

          Baron d'Albert is a young Siovalese baron who plays piquet with Julien Trente and Imriel and wins a bunch of Imri's money (KM 107).

          d'Arguil: Marquis d'Arguil and his wife are attended by a Cassiline brother in Avatar (80). Their crest/arms is a silver harrow (KA 652).

          Hubert Arundel is a young lord who beats Imriel at quoits (KS 192)

          Sarielle d'Aubert is a D'Angeline philosopher who was renowned in her lifetime for travelling with a retinue of attendants prepared to cater to her every whim (KJ 49). Phedre attends the Longest Night costumed as her.

          Cuillen Baphinol, a young Eisandine nobleman who studied medicine at one of Eisheth's sanctuaries, is charged by the Queen to check in on Imriel's safety when he first returns to Terre d'Ange (KA 669).

          Baron Jean Le Blanc, a vassal lord of Imriel's estate of Barthelme, is encouraged by Barquiel to bring a trivial suit, persist with it, and then profane the Longest Night (KM 59-62).

          Lisette de Blays is one of Sidonie's ladies-in-waiting, "a pretty young Namarrese noblewoman with an impudent sense of humor" (KM 43). She throws the first fete to which Imriel and Sidonie are invited together.

          Baron de Brenois killed a Yeshuite lad in a quarrel and went to Kushiel's temple to be purged of it (KC 168).

          Baronesse Isabel de Bretel, an elderly L'Agnacite lady who was a member of Alais and Barquiel's shadow Parliament. She was sent as an envoy to Ysandre on the eve of civil war (KM 582).

          Baronesse Estelle de Carvoile is the daughter of a female Bryony adept; she played rhythmomachy with Fortun in the Hall of Games (KC 136).

          Baron Victor de Chalais led most of the delegates home while Amaury Trente waited to see if Phedre would survive (KA 287)

          Duchese Vivianne de Chalasse "held great sway in L'Agnace; indeed, hers had been the sovereign duchy in the province until Ysandre had raised Percy de Somerville to the rank of Duc, and granted him ascendance" (KC 188).

          Charlot: the Baronesse de Charlot offers an assignation to Phedre; House Charlot breeds horses, including blood-bays, in Kusheth (KC 108).

          Vicomte de Cherevin is appointed by Ysandre as steward of the Little Court until all the inheritance and treachery issues are straightened out (KC 619).

          Tarren d'Eltoine is the Captain of the Unforgiven in Chosen (KC 204). He, like most of the Unforgiven, is Camaeline.

          Childric d'Essoms is Phedre's first patron. Imri meets him on the Longest Night at the Palace; he introduces himself as "formerly of the Court of Chancery, lately ambassador to Ephesium" (KJ 69).

          Marquisate de Fhirze: jointly held by Apollonaire(male) and Dianne (female), in Namarre near the border with Kusheth (KC 126). Dianne is older by a year (which mimics the Greek/Hellene myth that Artemis was born first before her brother Apollo).

          Iriel de Fiscarde of Azzalle was the last anguissette before Phedre. She "went willingly into a marriage of servitude with the Kusheline Duc de Bonnel to avert war between their Houses" (KC 104)

          Denise Fleurais, daughter of a female Bryony adept, was a member of the delegation in Menekhet and, later, Ysandre's ambassador to Tiberium (KS 517)

          Grosmaine: Denise Grosmaine is the Secretary of the Presence (KM 9). Marguerite Grosmaine is her daughter and is Imriel's age (KS 198).

          Marcel de Groulaut was appointed Ysandre's ambassador to Menekhet after the Comte de Penfars was dismissed (KM 238).

          Frederic Guillard is a young Azzallese baron who'd spent a summer at Court and played piquet in the Hall of Games with Imriel. He becomes a member of Alais and Barquiel's shadow Parliament (KM 526).

          Labarre: "...a young scion of the impoverished House Labarre stammered apologies for having nothing more to offer [Sidonie] than a flask of cordial with a limp bunch of violets around the neck" (KJ 113).

          Marguerite Lafons, Marquise de Lafoneuil: her estate lies on the western border of the duchy of Barthelme. Imri meets her at the Longest Night fete at the Palace; she is wearing a beaked mask and a towering headdress of feathers (KJ 67).

          Claude de Monluc is the Captain of Sidonie's personal Guard (KM 34).

          Micheline de Parnasse is the Royal Archivist in Chosen (KC 566)

          "Remuel L'Oragen of Azzalle and Claire LeDoux of Namarre. They'd met in their youth and been parted by their feuding Houses, carrying on a love affair through letters that spanned a score of years, wedding at last in the middle of their lives" (KJ 149).

          Penfars: Raife Laniol, Comte de Penfars, was Ysandre's ambassador in Iskandria at the beginning of Avatar (KA 213). His wife's name is Juliette (KA 255). Ysandre had him replaced for not learning Menekhetan (KM 240).

          Renee de Rives is a Baron's daughter and consort to Royce Guidel- she and Royce were both members of Trente's delegation to Menekhet (KA 269).

          Tibault de Toluard, a Siovalese lord, serves as D'Angeline ambassador to the fledgling Euskerria (KM 626). In Dart, he is the Comte de Toluard; in Chosen, he has been promoted to Marquis as recognition for his service defending against the Skaldi (KC 109).

          Lelahiah Valais is the Queen's Eisandine chirurgeon (KS 86).
  • Geography
    • The Kushielverse
      • Real World Equivalents
        • Alba: Britain (England and Scotland)
          Amilcar : Barcelona
          Aragonia : Spain
        • BHAKTIPUR : Bangladesh
          Bhodistan : India
          Bryn Gorrydum : some draw a connection between Bryn Gorrydum and London. However, it is closest to the area of The Wash. There is no city there, but Peterborough is the closest big city.
          Caerdicca Unitas : Italy
          Carthage : the ancient empire of Carthage; coast of modern Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya
          Ch'in : China
          The Chowat : Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania
          City of Elua : Avignon
          Clunderry : Stoke-on-Trent
          Cythera : Cyprus
          Dobria : Dover (notable for its white cliffs)
          Drujan : Azerbaijan, Georgia, parts of Northern Iran, and possibly parts of Southern Russia along the Caspian Sea.
          Eire : Eire
          The Empire of the Sun : Japan
          Ephesium : Turkey
          Euskerria : Basque country
          The Flatlands : the Benelux countries- the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium
          Gotland : Norway, Sweden, Finland
          Hellas : Greece
          Illyria : the Slavic coastal regions including Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, and Albania
          Innisclan : roughly, Carlisle England
          Iskandria : Alexandria
          Jebe-Barkal : Ethiopia, plus some parts of Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and southern Sudan
          Khebbel-im-Akkad : the old Persian Empire, which makes a bit of sense as the Persians conquered the Akkadian empire, situated along the Iranian plateau
          Kriti : Crete
        • KURUGIRI : Tufani mountain eyrie
          Kusheth : the region of Bretagne in France
          La Serenissima : Venice
          The Lake of Tears : Lake Victoria
          Lucca : Lucca
          Marsilikos : Marseille
          Menekhet : Egypt
          Meroë : Khartoum
          Milazza : Milan
          Miroslas : most likely either Kazan or Ekaterinberg
          Nahar River : Nile River
          Nubia : Chad
          Saba : derived from Sheba, contains parts of modern Congo, Uganda, and Kenya
          Shangun : Beijing
          Skaldia : Germany
          Tarkov : Moscow
          Tatar territory : a general area encompassing the vast expanse of the Mongol Empire (probably under Ghengis Khan/Temujin)
          Terra Nova : America
          Terre d'Ange : France
          Tiberium : Rome
          Tisaar : Kisumu
        • Tufan : Tibet
          The Umaiyyat : the Arabian Peninsula, which is interesting because "ummah" in Arabic stands for the entire united Arab world... which, during the time period of about 630-750 AD consisted solely of the Arabian Peninsula
          Vralgrad : St. Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad)
          Vralia : Russia
    • Terre d'Ange
      • Provinces
        • L'Agnace is the province founded by Anael. L'Agnace's weather is mild and temperate; the soil is fertile. The province shares a small border with Caerdicci Unitas and has no coastline. The Royal City of Elua is located in L'Agnace.

          Somerville is the ruling duchy of L'Agnace after Kushiel's Dart; before that, it was Chalasse (KC 188). Another L'Agnacite family is Bretel. Imriel's holding of Heuzé is located in L'Agnace, as is Lombelon, which he deeds to Maslin. Anael's scions give off the scent of apples when they are emotional.

          Azzalle was founded by Azza. Azzalle holds the northern coastline directly across from Alba and fields an impressive fleet.

          Trevalion is the ruling duchy of Azzalle because they hold Pointe des Soeurs, the point closest to Alba. Other Azzallese families include Guillard and L'Oragen. Victoire de Maignard was born to an Azzallese family before she married the Kusheline Baron de Maignard. Azzallese families are notoriously proud.

          Camlachwas founded by Camael. It is a rocky and cold province that shares a border with Skaldia and the Flatlands.

          Aiglemort was the ruling duchy of Camlach until Ysandre deeded it to the Unforgiven. It is unclear whether another family was raised to ascendance. d'Eltoine is another Camaeline family. It is said that the scions of Camael think with their swords; Isidore d'Aiglemort, who was fostered among the Shahrizai, is a clear exception.

          Eisandewas founded by Eisheth. It is the smallest of the seven provinces and encompasses the southern coastal lands.

          The city of Marsilikos contains a golden-domed Temple of Eisheth which is said to have saved sailors' lives when they were lost at sea by guiding them into harbor.

          Mereliot is the ruling duchy of Eisande; it contains Marsilikos, which is the family's seat. Because Eisheth was female, Marsilikos is always ruled by a Lady. Usually she is the heir of House Mereliot, but if only sons are born, then the heir's wife becomes the Lady of Marsilikos. Eisheth's scions have music, storytelling, and healing as their legacy; Eisande gave rise to the Mendacants, travelling storytellers and performers. Eisande is also home to a large and well-tolerated Tsingani population. Baphinol is another Eisandine family; Lelahiah Valais is Queen Ysandre's Eisandine chirurgeon (KS 86).

          Kushethwas founded by Kushiel. It is composed of harsh, rocky coastline along the west with a green, fertile interior.

          Morhban is the ruling duchy of Kusheth because it holds Pointe d'Oeste. House Shahrizai, however, claims to be the oldest and purest line of Kushiel's descendants. Charlot and Maignard are other Kusheline families.

          Namarre was founded by Naamah, and the great River Naamah is in this province, as is a sanctuary dedicated to her Servants. Namarre, like L'Agnace, has no coastline; it also shares no borders with other nations. The city of Troyes-le-Mont is in Namarre.

          L'Envers is most likely the ruling duchy of Namarre, given the preeminence of that family. Blays, Fhirze, LeDoux, le Blanc, and Lafons are other Namarrese families. Imriel's duchy of Barthelme is in Namarre.

          Siovalewas founded by Shemhazai. It shares a border with Aragonia and, later, Euskerri, as well as a certain amount of coastline.

          The ruling duchy of Siovale is unknown. Some Siovalese families include d'Albert, Toluard, Montrève, Rocaille, and Verreuil. Scions of Shemhazai value learning and wisdom.
      • Terre d'Ange Territory Notes
        • Elua claimed no territory, but wandered where he willed. The City of Elua is the city he loved best; thus, it bears his name. House Courcel dwells within the City.

          Cassiel claimed no territory, cleaving only to Elua's side.
  • Dramatis Personae
    • Phèdre Trilogy (Kushiel's Dart, Kushiel's Chosen, Kushiel's Avatar)
      • Kushiel's Dart
        • Delaunay’s Household

          Anafiel Delaunay – noble
          Alcuin nó Delaunay – Delaunay’s pupil
          Phèdre nó Delaunay – Delaunay’s pupil; anguisette
          Guy – Delaunay’s Man
          Joscelin Verruil – Cassiline Brother (Siovale)

          Members of the Royal Family of Terre d’Ange

          Ganelon de la Courcel – King of Terre d’Ange
          Genevieve de la Courcel – Queen of Terre d’Ange (deceased)
          Isabel L’Envers de la Courcel – wife of Rolande; Princess-Consort (deceased)
          Rolande de la Courcel – son of Ganelon and Genevieve; Dauphin (deceased)
          Ysandre de la Courcel – daughter of Rolande and Isabel; Dauphine
          Barquiel L’Envers - brother of Isabel; Duc L’Envers (Namarre)
          Baudoin de Trevalion – son of Lyonette and Marc; Prince of the Blood
          Bernadette de Trevalion – daughter of Lyonette and Marc; Princess of the Blood
          Lyonette de Trevalion – sister of Ganelon; Princess of the Blood; Lioness of Azzalle
          Marc de Trevalion – Duc of Trevalion (Azzalle)

          Members of the Royal Family La Serenissima

          Benedicte de la Courcel - brother of Ganelon; Prince of the Blood
          Maria Stregazza de la Courcel – wife of Benedicte
          Dominic Stregazza - husband of Thérèse; cousin of the Doge of La Serenissima
          Marie-Celeste de la Courcel Stregazza - daughter of Benedicte and Maria; Princess of the Blood, wed to Doge of La Serenissima’s son
          Thérèse de la Courcel Stregazza – daughter of Benedicte and Maria; Princess of the Blood

          D’Angeline Peerage

          Isidore d’Aiglemort – son of Maslin; Duc d’Aiglemort (Camlach)
          Maslin d’Aiglemort – Duc d’Aiglemort (Camlach)
          Marquise Solaine Belfours – noble; secretary of the Privy Seal
          Rogier Clavel – noble; member of L’Envers entourage
          Childric d’Essoms – noble; member of Court of Chancery
          Cecilie Laveau-Perrin – wife of Chevalier Perrin (deceased); former adept of Cereus House; tutor to Phèdre and Alcuin
          Roxanne de Mereliot – Lady of Marsilikos (Eisande)
          Quincel de Morhban – Duc de Morhban (Kusheth)
          Lord Rinforte – Prefect of the Cassiline Brotherhood
          Edmée de Rocaille – betrothed of Rolande (deceased)
          Melisande Shahrizai – noble (Kusheth)
          (Tabor, Sacriphant, Persia, Marmion, Fanchone – members of House Shahrizai; Melisande’s kin)
          Ghislain de Somerville – son of Percy
          Percy de Somerville – Comte de Somerville (L’Agnace); Prince of the Blood; Royal Commander
          Tibault de Toulard – Comte de Toulard (Siovale)
          Gaspar Trevalion – Comte de Forcay (Azzalle) cousin to Marc
          Luc and Mahieu Verreuil – sons of Millard, Joscelin’s brothers
          Millard Verreuil – Chevalier Verreuil; Joscelin’s father (Siovale)

          Night Court

          Liliane de Souverain - adept of Jasmine House, Mother of Phèdre
          Miriam Bouscevre – Dowyane of Cereus House
          Juliette, Ellyn, Etienne, Calantia, Jacinthe, Donatien – apprentices of Cerus House
          Brother Louvel – priest of Elua
          Jareth Moran – Second of Cereus House
          Suriah – adept of Cereus House
          Didier Vascon – Second of Valerian House


          Ailsa – woman in Gunter’s steading
          Gunter Arnlaugson – head of steading
          Evard the Sharp-tongued – thane in Gunter’s steading
          Gerde – woman in Selig’s steading
          Harald the Beardless – thane in Gunter’s steading
          Hedwig – woman in Gunter’s steading
          Kolbjorn of the Manni – one of Selig’s warleaders
          Knud – thane in Gunter’s steading
          Lodur the One-Eyed – priest of Odhinn
          Waldemar Selig – head of steading; warlord
          Trygve – member of the White Brethren
          White Brethren – Selig’s thanes


          Abhirati – grandmother of Antasztaizia
          Anasztaizia – mother of Hyacinthe
          Csavin – nephew of Manoj
          Gisella – wife of Neci
          Hyacinthe – friend to Phèdre; “Prince of Travellers”
          Manoj – father of Anasztaizia, King of the Tsingani
          Neci – headman of a kumpania

          Alba and Eire

          Breidaia - eldest daughter of Nechthana
          Brennan - son of Grainne
          Cruarch of Alba – King of the Picti
          Drustan mab Nechthana – son of Necthana; Prince of the Picti
          Eammon mac Conor – Lord of the Dalriada
          Grainne mac Conor – sister of Eammon; Lady of the Dalriada
          Maelcon – son of the Cruarch and Foclaidha
          Moiread – youngest daughter of Nechthana
          Necthana – sister of the Cruarch
          Sibeal – middle daughter of Nechtana

          Three Sisters

          Gildas – servant of the Master of the Straits
          Master of the Straits – controls the seas between Alba and Terre d’Ange
          Tilian – servant of the Master of the Straits


          Vitale Bouvarre – merchant; Stregazza ally
          Pierre Cantrel – merchant; father of Phèdre
          Camilo – apprentice of Gonzago de Escabares
          Danele – wife of Taavi; dyer
          Emile – member of Hyacinthe’s crew
          Maestro gonzago de Escabares – Aragonian historian; former teacher to Delaunay
          Fortun – sailor, one of Phèdre’s Boys
          Gavin Friote – seneschal of Perrinwolde
          Heloise Friote – wife of Gavin
          Purnelle Friote – Son of Gavin
          Richeline Friote – wife of Purnelle
          Aelric Leithe – sailor
          Jean Marchand – second-in-command to Rousse
          Thelesis de Mornay – King’s Poet
          Mierette nó Orchis – former adept of Orchis House
          Remy – sailor; one of Phèdre’s Boys
          Quintilius Rousse – Royal Admiral
          Taavi – Yeshuite weaver
          (Maia and Rena – daughters of Taavi and Danele)
          Master Robert Tielhard – marquist
          Ti-Philippe – sailor; one of Phèdre’s Boys
          Lelahiah Valais – chiurgeon (Eisande)
          Japheth nó Eglantine-Vardennes – playwright
          Seth ben Yavin – Yeshuite scholar
      • Kushiel's Chosen
        • Phèdre's Household

          Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève: mentor of Phèdre (deceased)
          Alcuin nó Delaunay: student of Delaunay (deceased)
          Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève: Comtesse de Montrève; anguissette
          Benoit, Gemma: household staff
          Fortun, Remy, Ti-Phillipe: chevaliers, AKA Phèdre's Boys
          Eugènie: kitchen-mistress
          Joscelin Verreuil: Cassiline Brother (Siovale)
          Purnell Friote: seneschal of Montrève
          Richeline Friote: wife of Purnell

          Members of the Royal Family: Terre d'Ange

          Ysandre de la Courcel: Queen of Terre d'Ange, wed to Drustan mab Necthana
          Ganelon de la Courcel: former King of Terre d'Ange, grandfather of Ysandre (deceased)
          Isabel L'Envers de la Courcel: mother of Ysandre (deceased)
          Rolande de la Courcel: father of Ysandre (deceased)
          Barquiel L'Envers: brother of Isabel, Duc L'Envers (Namarre)
          Baudoin de Trevalion: son of Lyonette and Marc, Prince of the Blood (deceased)
          Bernadette de Trevalion: daughter of Lyonette and Marc, wife of Ghislain de Somerville
          Lyonette de Trevalion: great-aunt of Ysandre, AKA Lioness of Azzalle (deceased)
          Marc de Trevalion: husband of Lyonette, former Duc de Trevalion (Azzalle)
          Nicola L'Envers y Aragon: cousin of Ysandre

          Members of the Royal Family: La Serenissima

          Benedicte de la Courcel: great-uncle of Ysandre, Prince of the Blood
          Maria Stregazza de la Courcel: wife of Benedicte (deceased)
          Etaine de Tourais: second wife of Benedicte
          Imriel de la Courcel: son of Benedicte and second wife
          Marie-Celeste de la Courcel Stregazza: daughter of Benedicte and Maria, Princess of the Blood, wed to Marco Stregazza
          Severio Stregazza: son of Marco and Marie-Celeste, Prince of the Blood
          Therèse de la Courcel Stregazza: daughter of Benedicte and Maria, Princess of the Blood, wed to Dominic Stregazza

          D'Angeline Peerage

          Isidore d'Aiglemort: son of Maslin, Duc d'Aiglemort (Camlach) (deceased)
          Marquise Solaine Belfours: noble, Secretary of the Privy
          Cecilie Laveau-Perrin: wife of Chevalier Perrin (deceased), adept of Cereus House, tutor to Phèdre and Alcuin
          Roxanne de Mereliot: Lady of Marsilikos (Eisande)
          Quincel de Morhban: Duc de Morhban (Kusheth)
          Lord Rinforte: Prefect of the Cassiline Brotherhood
          Edmée de Rocaille: betrothed of Rolande (deceased)
          Faragon Shahrizai: Duc de Shahrizai (Kusheth)
          Melisande Shahrizai: noble (Kusheth)
          Tabor, Sacriphant, Persia, Marmion, Fanchone: members of House Shahrizai, Melisande's kin
          Ghislain de Somerville: son of Percy, wed to Bernadette de Trevalion
          Percy de Somerville: Comte de Somerville (L'Agnace), Prince of the Blood, Royal Commander
          Gaspar Trevalion: Comte de Forcay (Azzalle), cousin of Marc
          Apollonaire and Dianne: joint holders of the Marquisate de Fhirze
          Vivienne Neldor, Marie de Flairs: ladies-in-waiting to Ysandre
          Amaury Trente: Captain of the Queen's Guard
          Denise Grosmaine: Secretary of the Presence

          Night Court

          Moirethe Lereux: Dowayne of Eglantine House
          Favrielle nó Eglantine: seamstress
          Raphael Murain nó Gentian: adept of Gentian House

          Three Sisters

          Master of the Straits
          : he who controls the seas between Alba and Terre d'Ange
          Hyacinthe: apprentice to Master of the Straits, Phedre's friend, Tsingano

          Alba and Eire

          Drustan mab Necthana: Cruarch of Alba, wed to Ysandre de la Courcel
          Eamonn mac Conor: Lord of the Dalriada (deceased)
          Grainne mac Conor: sister of Eamonn, Lady of the Dalriada
          Necthana: mother of Drustan
          Breidaia, Moiread (deceased), Sibeal: daughters of Necthana

          La Serenissima

          Cesare Stregazza
          : Doge of La Serenissima
          Marco Stregazza: eldest son of Cesare
          Ricciardo Stregazza: younger son of Cesare
          Allegra Stregazza: wife of Ricciardo
          Benito Dandi: noble, member of the Immortali
          Orso Latrigan: noble, candidate for Dogal Election
          Lorenzo Pescaro: noble, candidate for Dogal Election
          Bianca: Priestess of the Elect, Oracle of Asherat
          Vesperia: Priestess of the Elect, Oracle-in-training
          Guilia Latrigan: noble
          Magister Acco: astrologer
          Serena Pidari: wife of Phanuel Buonard
          Felicity d'Arbos: former lady-in-waiting to Maria Stregazza, the Warden of La Dolorosa
          Constantin, Fabron, Malvio, Tito: prison guards


          Vasilii Kolcei: Ban of Illyria, AKA the Zim Sokali
          Zabèla Kolcei: wife of Vasilii
          Pjètri Kolcei: middle son of Vasilii and Zabèla
          Czibor: commander of the Ban's Guard
          Kazan Atrabiades: pirate captain
          Epafras, Gavril, Lukin, Nikanor, Oltukh, Pekhlo, Spiridon, Stajeo, Tormos, Volos, Ushak: Kazan's men
          Daroslav: Kazan's brother (deceased)
          Glaukos: Kazan's man, former Tiberian slave
          Zilje: wife of Glaukos
          Marjopi: Kazan's housekeeper
          Njesa Atrabiades: mother of Kazan
          Janari Rossatos: Ambassador of La Serenissima


          Ooneus Asterius: Hierophant of the Temenos
          Pasiphae Asterius: the Kore of the Temenos
          Demetrios Asterius: Archon of Phaistos
          Timanthes: noble, Demetrios' lover
          Althaia: noble, sister of Timanthes


          Maestro Gonzago de Escabares: Aragonian historian, Delaunay's former teacher
          Thelesis de Mornay: Queen's Poet
          Quintilius Rousse: Royal Admiral
          Emile: member of Hyacinthe's former crew
          Jacques Brenin: Phedre's factor
          Nahum ben Issac: the Rebbe
          Hanna: Yeshuite woman
          Micheline de Parnasse: Royal Archivist
          Tarren d'Eltoine: Captain of the Unforgiven, Southfort (Camlach)
          Octave, Vernay, Svariel, Fitz, Giles: soldiers of the Unforgiven
          Phanuel Buonard: guardsman of Troyes-le-Mont
          Brys nó Rinforte: Cassiline Brother
          David nó Rinforte: Cassiline Brother
          Gregorio Livinius: Principe of Pavento
          Duke and Duchess of Milazza
          Gilles Lamiz: apprentice-poet
          Micah ben Ximon, Sarae, Teppo: Yeshuites, Joscelin's allies
          Cervianus: attendant in the Temple of Asherat
      • Kushiel's Avatar
        • Phèdre's Household
        • Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève - mentor of Phèdre (deceased)
          Alcuin nó Delaunay - student of Delaunay (deceased)
          Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève - Comtesse de Montrève; anguissette Joscelin Verreuil - Phèdre's Consort; Cassiline Brother (Siovale)
          Fortun, Remy - chevaliers (deceased)
          Ti- Philippe - chevalier
          Hugues - attendant
          Eugènie - Mistress of the Household
          Clory - niece of Eugènie
        • Purnell Friote - seneschal of Montrève
          Richeline Friote - wife of Purnell
        • Benoit - stable-lad
        • Members of the Royal Family: Terre D'Ange
        • Ysandre de la Courcel - Queen of Terre D'Ange; wed to Drustan mab Necthana
        • Sidonie de la Courcel - elder daughter of Ysandre
        • Alais de la Courcel - younger daughter of Ysandre
        • Barquiel L'Envers - uncle of Ysandre; Duc L'Envers (Namarre)
        • Alba
        • Drustan mab Necthana - Cruarch of Alba, wed to Ysandre de la Courcel
        • Necthana - mother of Drustan
        • Breidaia, Moiread (deceased), Sibeal - Drustan's sisters, daughters of Necthana
        • Three Sisters
        • Hyacinthe - apprentice to Master of the Straits; Prince of Travellers
        • Tilian, Gildas - assistants
        • La Serenissima
        • Benedicte de la Courcel - great-uncle of Ysandre; Prince of the Blood (deceased)
        • Melisande Shahrizai de la Courcel - second wife of Benedicte
        • Imriel de la Courcel - son of Benedicte and Melisande
        • Severio Stregazza - son of Marie-Celeste de la Courcel and Marco Strgazza; Prince of the Blood
        • Cesare Stregazza - Doge of La Serenissima
        • Ricciardo Stregazza - younger son of the Doge
        • Allegra Stregazza - wife of Ricciardo
        • Benito Dandi - noble, member of the Immortali
        • Verreuil
        • Chevalier Millard - Joscelin's father
        • Ges - Joscelin's mother
        • Luc - Joscelin's elder brother
        • Yvonne - wife of Luc
        • Mahieu - Joscelin's younger brother
        • Marie Louise - wife of Mahieu
        • Jehane - Joscelin's elder sister
        • Amílcar
        • Nicola L'Envers y Aragon - cousin of Ysandre
        • Ramiro Zornín de Aragon - King's Consul, husband of Nicola
        • Fernan - Count of Amílcar
        • Vitor Gaitín - Captain of the Harbor Watch
        • Mago, Harnapos - Carthaginian slavers
        • Menekhet
        • Fadil Chouma - slaver (deceased)
        • Nesmut - harbor-lad
        • Raife Laniol, Comte de Penfars - ambassador to Menekhet
        • Juliet de Penfars - wife of Raife
        • Ptolmey Dikaios - Pharoah of Menekhet
        • Clytemne - wife of Pharoah
        • Rekhmire - Treasury clerk
        • Denise Fleurais - member of Lord Amaury's delegation
        • Radi Arumi - Jebean guide
        • General Hermodorous - enemy of Pharoah
        • Khebbel-im-Akkad
        • Sinaddan-Shamabarsin - Lugal of Khebbel-im-Akkad
        • Valère L'Envers - wife of the Lugal; daughter of Barquiel L'Envers
        • Tizrav - Persian guide
        • Renée de Rives - member of Lord Amaury's delegation
        • Nicholas Vigny - member of Lord Amaury's delegation
        • Nurad-Sin - Akkadian captain
        • Drujan
        • The Mahrkagir - "Conqueror of Death,"ruler of Drujan
        • Gashtaham - chief Skotophagotis
        • Tahmuras - a warrior
        • Nariman - Chief Eunuch of the zenana
        • Rushad - Persian eunuch
        • Erich - Skaldi prisoner
        • Drucilla - Tiberian prisoner
        • Kaneka - Jebean prisoner
        • Uru-Azag - Akkadian eunuch
        • Jolanta - Chowati prisoner
        • Nazneen - Ephesian prisoner
        • Jagun - chief of Kereyit Tatars
        • Arshaka - chief magus
        • Jebe-Barkal
        • Wali - river guide
        • Mek Timmur - caravan master
        • Zanadakhete - Queen of Meroë
        • Ras Lijasu - Prince of Meroë
        • Nathifa - sister of Lijasu
        • Tifari Amu - guide
        • Bizan - guide
        • Nkuku - bearer
        • Yedo - bearer
        • Shoanete - Kaneka's grandmother, storyteller
        • Saba
        • Hanoch ben Hadad - captain of the militia
        • Yevuneh - widow, sister of Hanoch
        • Bilgah - Elder of the Sanhedrin
        • Abiram - Elder of the Sanhedrin
        • Ranit - woman of Saba Semira - woman of Saba
        • Morit - woman of Saba, astronomer
        • Ardath - daughter of Yevuneh
        • Eshkol ben Avidan - soldier
        • Others
        • Evrilac Duré - Captain of the Guard at Pointe des Soeurs
        • Guillard, Armand - men-at-arms at Pointe des Soeurs
        • Bérèngere ben Enokh - priestess of the Great Temple of Naamah
        • Eleazar ben Enokh - Yeshuite mystic
        • Adara - wife of Eleazar
        • Michel Nevers - priest of Kushiel
        • Audine Davul - D'Angeline scholar of Jebe-Barkal
        • Emile - member of Hyacinthe's former crew; chief among Tsingani in the city
        • Brother Selbert - chief priest in the Sanctuary of Elua (Siovale)
        • Liliane - acolyte in the Sanctuary of Elua (Siovale)
        • Honore, Beryl, Cadmar, Ti-Michel - children in the Santuary of Elua (Siovale)
        • Jacques Écot - crofter (Siovale)
        • Agnes - wife of Jacques (Siovale)
        • Kristof, son of Oszkar - head of the Tsingani kumpania
        • Cecilie Laveau-Perrin - adept of Cereus House; tutor to Phédre and Alcuin
        • Roxanne de Mereliot - Lady of Marsilikos
        • Thelesis de Mornay - Queen's poet
        • Quintilius Rousse - Royal Admiral
    • Imriel Trilogy (Kushiel's Scion, Kushiel's Justice, Kushiel's Mercy)
      • Kushiel's Scion
        • D'Angeline

          Hughes- companion of Ti-Phillipe, one of Montreve’s Men at Arms (Kushiel’s Scion, Ch 1)
          Colin- one of Montreve’e Men at Arms (Kushiel’s Scion, Ch 1)
          Marcel- one of Montreve’e Men at Arms (Kushiel’s Scion, Ch 1)
          Gilot- one of Montreve’e Men at Arms, Imriel’s favorite, Katharine Friote’s lover, accompanies Imriel to Tiberium, Anna Marzoni’s lover, wounded in a riot in Tiberium, dies of his injuries in Lucca (Kushiel’s Scion, Ch 1)
          Katharine Friote- middle daughter of Purnell & Richeline, sister of Charles & Denis, one year older than Imriel (Kushiel’s Scion, Ch 1)
          Charles Friote- youngest son of Purnell & Richeline, brother of Denis & Katharine, same age as Imriel (Kushiel’s Scion, Ch 1)
          Faragon Shahrizai- duc of House Shahrizai (KS, Ch 3)
          Benoit- stable keeper at Phedre’s house in the City of Elua (KS, Ch 3)
          Mavros Shahrizai- fostered at Montreve for a summer, 2 years older than Imriel, son of Sacriphant, nephew of Melisande (KS, Ch 4)
          Baptiste Shahrizai- fostered at Montreve for a summer, a year younger than Imriel, son of Fanchone (KS, Ch 4)
          Roshana Shahrizai- fostered at Montreve for a summer, a year older than Imriel, daughter of Fanchone (KS, Ch 4)
          Maslin of Lombelon- bastard son of Isidore d’Aiglemort, Sidonie de la Courcel’s lover (KS, Ch 5)
          Clory- masseuse to House Montreve, trained in Balm House, Eugenie’s niece (KS, Ch 5)
          Anne Livet- mother of Maslin of Lombelon, daughter of Isidore d’Aiglemort’s master gardener (KS, Ch 6)
          Jerome Bargot- seneschal of Lombelon estate (KS, Ch 6)
          Lelahiah Valais- Queen’s chirurgeon, from Eisande (KS, Ch 8)
          Messire Bauldry- minor lordling Imriel bumped into in the Hall of Games (KS, Ch 8
          Denis Friote- oldest son of Purnell & Richeline, brother of Charles & Katharine, one of Montreve’s Men at Arms (KS, Ch 9)
          Ronald Agout- Montreve’s falconer (KS, Ch 10)
          Artus Labbe- Montreve’s kennel master (KS, Ch 11)
          Fanchone Shahrizai- mother of Roshana & Baptiste, first cousin of Melisande (KS, Ch 11)
          Sacriphant Shahrizai- father of Mavros, uncle of Melisande (KS, Ch 11)
          Raul L’Envers y Aragon- son of Nicola L’Envers y Aragon & Ramiro Zornin de Aragon (KS, Ch 12)
          Enediel Vintesoir- founder of the Court of Night Blooming Flowers, author of Trois Milles Joies (KS, Ch 13)
          Serafin- son of Nicola L’Envers y Aragon & Ramiro Zornin de Aragon (KS, Ch 14)
          Hubert Arundel- young lord, beat Imriel at quoits (KS, Ch 16)
          Colette Trente- daughter of Lord Amaury Trente (KS, Ch 16)
          Julien Trente- son of Lord Amaury Trente (KS, Ch 16)
          Marguerite Grosmaine- daughter of the Secretary of the Presence (KS, Ch 16)
          Gilles Lamiz- successor to Thelesis de Mornay as Queen’s Poet (KS, Ch 16)
          Bertran de Trevalion- son of Ghislain no Trevalion (formerly de Somerville) & Bernadette de Trevalion, sister to Baudoin & daughter of Lyonette, traitors of the realm
          (KS, Ch 16)
          Nathalie no Balm- Dowayne of Balm House when Imriel visits (KS, ch 17)
          Emmeline no Balm- adept of Balm House, chosen for Imriel, “This, too, is sacred.” (KS, ch 17)
          Dorian no Eglantine- friend of Favrielle no Eglantine, spent time in Skaldia researching their myths (KS, ch 21)
          Lady Osmont- danced with Eamonn mac Grainne at the Midwinter Masque he went to as Donar (KS, ch 21)
          Amarante of Namarre- lady in waiting to Sidonie de la Courcel, daughter of Berengere (KS, ch 24)
          Ghislain no Trevalion- Royal Army commander after Barquiel L’Envers steps down from the post (KS, ch 26)
          Aprilios Shahrizai (KS, ch 27)
          Thiela Shahrizai (KS, ch 27)
          Sonoril Shahrizai (KS, ch 27)
          Didier Vascon- Dowayne of Valerian House when Imriel & Mavros visit (KS, ch 27)
          Sephira- Valerian adept chosen by Imriel, signale “Sunshine” (KS, ch 27)
          Jaques Brenin- Imriel & Phedre’s factor (KS, ch 29)
          Lady Denise Fleurais- D’Angeline ambassador in Tiberium, invites Imriel to dinner (KS, ch 40)
          Quentin LeClerc- sent by Ysandre de la Courcel to negotiate for Imriel’s release from Lucca, is able to get Brigitta, Claudia & Deccus out, escorts Imriel & Eamonn to Tiberium after siege ends (KS, ch 55)
          Doucet- D’Angeline in Gallus Tadius’ Red Scourge, from Camlach (KS, ch 58)
          Romuald- one of Quentin LeClerc’s men (KS, ch 65)
          Oppius da Lippi- captain of the Aeolia, returns Imriel to Terre D’Ange (KS, ch 68)
          Gerard de Mereliot- son of Roxanne, Lady of Marsilikos, captain of her guard (KS, ch 68)
          Jeanne de Mereliot- daughter & heir of Roxanne, Lady of Marsilikos, chirurgeon, has sex with Imriel, wouldn’t mind having a child with Imriel (KS, ch 69)
          Zacharel Clarence- lieutenant in Ysandre’s guard, summons Imriel to the Palace on his return (KS, ch 70)


        • Celeste- wolfhound from Montreve, gift from Imriel to Alais (KS, Ch 14)
          Hierax- Imriel’s spotted Tsingani-bred Aragonian horse, commonly called The Bastard, does not appreciate travel by ship (KS, Ch 14)

          Alban & Eiran

          Eamonn mac Grainne- second son of Grainne mac Conor, Lady of the Dalriada, & Quintilius Rousse, Imriel’s friend, Prince Barbarus, marries Brigitta in Lucca (KS, Ch 9)
          Mother Mebh- Eiran goddess (KS, ch 19)
          Fionne mac Cumhaill- challenged Diarmund when he stole Grainne from him, from an Eiran tale (KS, ch 21)
          Talorcan mab Breidaia- Drustan’s heir & nephew, son of Breidaia, Dorelei’s brother (KS, ch 24)
          Dorelei mab Breidaia- Talorcan’s sister, daughter of Breidaia, niece of Drustan, has true dreams (KS, ch 25)
          Master Donato- Eamonn mac Grainne’s former master (KS, ch 31)


        • Viktor- Tsingano (KS, ch 23)


        • Lilka- Chowati woman abused & murdered by the Mahrkagir in Imriel’s presence (KS, ch 19)


        • Lorenzo Pescaro- Doge of La Serenissima (KS, Ch 3)
          Aulus- friend of Lucius Tadius da Lucca, possibly Lucius’ lover (KS, ch 30)
          Donato- friend of Lucius Tadius da Lucca (KS, ch 30)
          Janus- god of bridges, doorways & crossroads (KS, ch 30)
          Lucius Tadius da Lucca- student at the University in Tiberium, haunted by Gallus Tadius (KS, ch 30)
          Lollia- ran an inn in Tiberium where Imriel & Gilot stay (KS, ch 30)
          Deccus Fulvius- a Restorationist & Senator, married to Lucius Taduis’ sister, Claudia (KS, ch 31)
          Master Piero di Bonci- philosopher & University professor (KS, ch 31)
          Sokrates- philosopher (KS, ch 31)
          Jupiter, Juno & Minerva- Caerdicci gods (KS, ch 32)
          Sacred Virgins- priestesses of Vesta in Tiberium (KS, ch 32)
          Gallus Tadius- Lucius’ great-grandfather & mercenary warlord, leader of the Red Scourge, possesses Lucius (KS, ch 32)
          Gaetano Correggio- father of Helena, Prince of Lucca (KS, ch 32)
          Helena Correggio da Lucca- daughter of Gaetano, betrothed of Lucius Tadius, kidnapped by Valpetra’s forces (KS, ch 32)
          Bartolomeo Ponzi- loves Helena, killed in an attack by Valpetra’s forces (KS, ch 32)
          Claudia Tadia Fulvia- sister of Lucius Tadius, wife of Deccus Fulvius, member of the Unseen Guild, has an affair with Imriel (KS, ch 33)
          Anna Marzoni- hired by Gilot to help with chores, widow with a young daughter, falls in love with Gilot (KS, ch 33)
          Canis- beggar, Cynic, philosopher, gives Imriel a medallion with “Do no harm” inscribed in its rim, snuck into besieged Lucca, tries to get Imriel to leave Lucca, killed by javelin meant for Imriel, before he dies “Your mother sends her love.” (KS, ch 33)
          Master Strozzi- has taught at the University for over 50 years, lies about covertcy being taught at the University, retires shortly after meeting with Imriel (KS, ch 35)
          Myrrha- daughter of Kinryas who boasted of her daughter’s beauty, cursed by Aphrodite to sleep with her father & bear a child, taking pity on her, the gods turned her into a tree (myrrh), then bore Adonis (KS, ch 35)
          Master Ambrosius- incense keeper, had a message from Claudia Fulvia for Imriel, helps Imriel choose incense for offering to Blessed Elua & his Companions (KS, ch 35)
          Erytheia of Thrasos- famous Hellene painter, commissioned by Claudia to paint Imriel as Bacchus, paints Gilot as Endymion (KS, Ch 38)
          Silvio- apprentice of Erytheia (KS, ch 39)
          Renzo- involved in the riot in Tiberium (KS, ch 41)
          Belinda Marzoni- Anna’s daughter (KS, ch 41)
          Nonna- old woman, helps bind Gilot’s injuries (KS, ch 42)
          Filomena- acolyte as Temple of Asclepius, watches over Gilot (KS, ch 42)
          Nestor- one of Claudia Fulvia’s servants (KS, ch 42)
          Ruggero Caccini- employer of assassin hired by Bernadette de Trevalion to attempt to assassinate Imriel in Tiberium, in contact with the Unseen Guild (KS, ch 42)
          Vernus- one of Master Pierro’s student’s with Imriel, son of a Tiberian aedile (KS, ch 44)
          Caius Maximus- fifth princeps of Tiberium (KS, ch 44)
          Asclepius- Tiberian god of healing, comes to Imriel in a dream, “Even a stunted tree reaches towards the sunlight” (KS, ch 45)
          Bella Donna- alias of Melisande’s (KS, ch 47)
          Domenico Martelli- duke of Valpetra, enemy of Lucca, marries & rapes Helena Correggio in an attempt to gain control of Lucca as Gaetano’s heir, Imriel cut off one of his hands, dead(KS, ch 48)
          Publius Tadius- Lucius’ father (KS, ch 49)
          Beatrice- Lucius’ mother (KS, ch 49)
          Arturo- Captain of the Guard in Lucca (KS, ch 50)
          Teresa- maidservant in Lucca (KS, ch 51)
          Silvanus the Younger- condottiere commanding Valpetra’s army (KS, ch 51)
          Orfeo- Imriel’s sparring partner in Lucca, friend of Bartolomeo, dies (KS, ch 58)
          Giancarlo- Orfeo’s brother (KS, ch 58)
          Pollio- sentry in Lucca (KS, ch 59)
          Matius & Baldessare- soldiers in Lucca, dies (KS, ch 59)
          Dacia Correggion- Helena’s mother, Gaetanos’ wife (KS, ch 59)
          Calvino, Constantin & Adolpho- soldiers in Lucca (KS, ch 62)
          Marcus Cornelius- commander of Tiberian legion (KS, ch 63)
          Titus Maximus- princeps of Tiberium when Imriel is there (KS, ch 66)


        • Donar- Skaldic thunder god, Eamonn mac Grainne at a Midwinter Masque (KS, ch 21)
          Loki- Skaldic god, Ti-Philippe at a Midwinter Masque (KS, ch 21)
          Baldur- Skaldic god of light slain by a sprig of mistletoe, The Beautiful, Imriel at a Midwinter Masque, (KS, ch 21)
          Freyya- Skaldic goddess, Phedre at a Midwinter Masque (KS, ch 21)Diderot Duval- Captain of the Queen’s Guard (KS, ch 24)
          Brigitta of the Manni- Skaldic woman & University student, marries Eamonn mac Grainne in Lucca (KS, ch 31)


        • Akil- student of Master Pierro with Imriel (KS, ch 38)
      • Kushiel's Justice
        • D'Angeline

          Collete Trente- betrothed to Raul L’Envers y Aragon (KJ, ch 4)
          Raul L’Envers y Aragon- betrothed of Collete Trente (KJ, ch4)
          Agnes Ramel- Second of Alyssum House (KJ, ch4)
          Mignon- Alyssum adept reluctantly chosen by Imriel (KJ, ch4)
          Sarielle d’Aubert- D’Angeline philosopher known for her opulence, Phedre at the Midwinter Masque following Imriel’s return from Lucca (KJ, ch 5)
          Janelle no Bryony- Dowayne of Bryony House, takes on Imriel’s challenge for tokens (KJ, ch6)
          Raphael Murain- Priest of Naamah who blesses Imriel (KJ, ch6)
        • Marguerite Lafons- Marquise de Lafoneuil, requests to speak to Imriel about the inequities of taxation on Namarrese wine, informs Imriel that his is entitled to a seat in Parliament due to his status as Duc de Barthelme (KJ, ch7)
          Tibault de Toulard- invented a way to use a hypocaust system to allow seeds to germinate early, Siovalese marquis (KJ, ch 10)
          Simon no Eglantine- tumbler, talked with Imriel on the Longest Nights (KJ, ch11)
          Giraud- one of Sidonie’s guards (KJ, ch11)
          Remeul L’Oragen of Azzalle & Claire LeDoux of Namarre- lovers parted by their feuding houses who married later in life, Sidonie gave Imriel a book about their story after his marriage to Dorelei (KJ, ch14)
          Imriel no Montreve de la Courcel- Prince of Alba by marriage to Dorelei (KJ, ch 29)
          Nehailah Ansout- priestess of Elua, dedicates the shrine Imriel sets up in Clunderry (KJ, ch31)
          Denis- alcolyte of Elua (KJ, ch31)
          Michelet- alcolyte of Elua (KJ, ch 31)
          Brother Louvel- teacher of Nehailah Ansout, priest of Elua, researches the Maghuin Dhonn binding on Imriel as says it is likely only in effect in Alba (KJ, ch31)
          Benedicte de la Courel- Imriel’s father & traitor, appears as a ghost to Imriel on the Feast of the Dead (KJ, ch33)
          Maslin de Lombelon- lieutenant in Sidonie’s Guard, sent by Sidonie to find Imriel in Vralia, boils Berlik’s head for Imriel, becomes friends with Imriel, remains in Vralgrad (KJ, ch39)
          Isembart- steward at the Shahrizai hunting lodge Mavros brings Imriel to (KJ, ch40)
          Girard- young D’Angeline chirurgeon in Alba, tends to Imriel after he’s wounded by Berlik (KJ, ch37)
          Claude de Monluc- captain of Sidonie’s Guard (KJ, ch41)
          Margot de Monluc- wife of Claude de Monluc (KJ, ch73)


        • Celeste- Alais’ dog, killed by Berlik in bear form while attempting to protect Alais & Dorelei (KJ, ch 37)

          Alban & Eiran

        • Firdha- ollamh, Cruithne tutor to Imriel & Alais, addressed as “Daughter of the Grove”, presides over Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ, ch 4)
          Lug- Cruithne warrior who led his people to follow the Black Boar creating the Cullach Gorrym, founded Bryn Gorrydum (KJ, ch 4)
          Kinadius- Cruithne, one of Drustan’s men, Dorelei’s childhood friend, rescues Imriel from being raped by Morwen, one of Clunderry’s guards, returns to Terre D’Ange with Imriel (KJ, ch5)
          Dorelei mab Breidaia- betrothed to Imriel, has true dreams, conceives a son by Imriel, gifts Imriel with a pair of steel & leather vambraces engraved with the image of the Black Boar, murdered by Berlik (KJ, ch5)
          Urist mab Wrada- Cruithne, leader of Drustan’s men, in charge of security at Clunderry, accompanies a wounded Imriel to Terre D’Ange, vows to help Imriel hunt Berlik, helps Imriel destroy the binding on him, accompanies Imriel over sea to Norstock, remains in Vralgrad after his leg is broken (KJ, ch5)
          Deordivus- Cruithne, one of Drustan’s men, offers Imriel his first warrior’s markings, accompanied Imriel back to Terre D’Ange, found Berlik’s trail (KJ, ch5)
          Mairead- Eamonn’s sister, daughter of Grainne (KJ, ch19)
          Brennan- Eamonn’s brother, son of Grainne (KJ, ch19)
          Caolinn- Eamonn’s sister, daughter of Grainne (KJ, ch20)
          Conor- Eamonn’s youngest brother, son of Grainne & Ferghus, harpist, plays at Imriel’s wedding (KJ, ch20)
          Morwen- Maghuin Dhonn, bound Imriel to her will, wanted to have a child with Imriel, rapes Imriel in an attempt to conceive a child, willing to give Imriel the talisman that binds him if he’ll look into the future, swears not to harm Imriel or any member of his household, shows Imriel that his son will become a monster, becomes forsaken to her diadh-anam after the murder of Dorelei & Aniel (KJ, ch20)
          Berlik- Maghuin Dhonn, promises not to harm Imriel’s body, attempts to offer the Maghuin Dhonn’s blessing over Imriel’s marriage, murder’s Dorelei & Aniel in bear form and fled Alba after, executed by Imriel in Vralia (KJ, ch20)
          Aodhan- ollamh, puts protections on Imriel against Morwen’s binding (KJ, ch21)
          Brigid, Danu, Mananan & Aengus- Alban deities, invoked by Aodhan in his protection spell for Imriel, invoked at Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ, ch21)
          Ferghus- Maghuin Dhonn, Conor’s father (KJ, ch22)
          Donnchadh- great Maghuin Dhonn magician, turned himself into a bear, killed the Tiberian governor (KJ, ch22)
          Galanna- 6 year old daughter of Hyacinthe & Sibeal (KJ, ch24)
          Donal- 4 year old son of Hyacinthe & Sibeal, has protruding ears (KJ, ch24)
          Kinada- mother of Kinadus & Kerys, friend of Breidaia (KJ, ch24)
          Gwynek of Brea- blond Alban man, greets Imriel at a party before Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ, ch 26)
          Peder- friend of Gwynek of Brea, gives Imriel a drink (KJ, ch 26)
          Brude- has a bout with staves with Gwynek of Brea the night before Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ, ch 27)
          Goraidh- red haired Alban, has a bout with Imriel the night before Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ, ch27)
          Colum- second ollamh presiding over Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ ch 27)
          Saolas, Nerthus, Macha, Bel, Hengest, Crom, Aine & Cailleach- deities invoked at Imriel’s Alban wedding (KJ, ch 27)
          Breidaia mab Necthana- Lady of Clunderry (KJ, ch 28)
          Kerys- Kinadius’ sister, Dorelei’s friend (KJ, ch 29)
          Murghan- steward of Clunderry (KJ, ch 29)
          Trevedic- reeve of Clunderry (KJ, ch 29)
          Kinada- mother of Kinadius & Kerys, Breidaia’s lady in waiting (KJ, ch 29)
          Leodan mab Nonna- from Briclaedh, attended Imriel’s Alban wedding, gifted a silver salt cellar, Imriel claims insult against him & stages a cattle raid (KJ, ch 29)
          Timor- set on watch after cattle raid (KJ, ch30)
          Golven- lord of Sionnachan sends a beekeeper to help build an apiary at Clunderry (KJ, ch 31)
          Milcis- beekeeper from Sionnachan, helps build an apiary at Clunderry (KJ, ch 31)
          Crom, Cailleach, Macha, Bor- Alban deities invokes on the Feast of the Dead (KJ, ch33)
          Hoel- scullery lad & cook’s apprentice in Clunderry, chosen as the Lord of Misrule on the Day of Misrule, proclaimed that men should dress as women & women dress as men (KJ, ch34)
          Lonn- lent Dorelei a pair of drawstring breeches on the Day of Misrule (KJ, ch34)
          Uven- one of Clunderry’s guards (KJ, ch34)
          Cluna- Clunderry’s midwife (KJ, ch34)
          Gartnach mab Aniel- Dorelei’s father, mother died in childbirth, Aniel is his father (KJ, ch35)
          Aniel- Dorelei & Imriel’s son, who would have grown up to be a monster, murdered by Berlik, would have been Anielle if he was a girl (KJ, ch36)
          Talorcan mab Breidaia- Dorelei’s brother, ordered Morwen’s body buried beneath Dorelei’s feet and to hunt down the Maghuin Dhonn (KJ, ch37)
          Eamonn mac Grainne- joins in the hunting of the Maghuin Dhonn (KJ ch37)
          Drustan mab Necthana- wants Berlik dead, Dorelei’s uncle & Cruarch (KJ, ch37)
          Domnach- drives the carriage carrying Imriel on his return to the City of Elua (KJ, ch39)
          Cailan- Cruithne, ollamh’s son who accompanies Imriel to Terre D’Ange to help care for Imriel’s wounds, dies in Skaldia (KJ, ch 40)
          Timor & Gilbrid- Cruithne, on sentry duty at Shahrizai hunting lodge (KJ, ch4)
          Urist mab Wrada, Kinadius mab Kinada, Deordivus, Domnach, Cailan, Timor, Gilbrid, Selwin & Brun- accompany Imriel on his hunt for Berlik (KJ, ch 43)
          Kinadius & Brun- Cruithne, remained in Norstok waiting for Imriel’s return (KJ, ch68)
          Uven- Cruithne killed by Berlik in Clunderry (KJ, ch68)
          Corcan- captain of the Cruarch’s ship (KJ, ch69)


        • Diogenes- Hellene Cynic philosopher, Imriel at the Midwinter Masque following his return from Lucca (KJ, ch5)


        • Caledonius- Tiberian historian, served in Alba as a military tribune during the uprising led by Cinhil Ru, wrote about the gladiatorial slaying of an unnaturally large bear (KJ, ch6)


        • Diokles Agallon- ambassador from Ephesium, member of the Unseen Guild (KJ, ch7)


        • Hallgrim- leader of the Manni, Brigitta’s father (KJ, ch15)
          Leidolf- Brigitta’s brother, challenged Eamonn to the holmgang before he’d let Eamonn leave with Brigitta (KJ, ch 15)
          Aldemar of the Frisii- petitioned the Cruarch (Drustan mab Necthana) for trade rights, can grant or deny passage across Skaldia, willing to let Imriel & 2 Cruithne travel over sea to Norstock (KJ, ch45)
          Halla- Skaldic innkeeper in Maarten’s Crossing (KJ, ch46)
          Ditmarus- Skaldi, from the Manni tribe, member of the Unseen Guild (KJ, ch68)
          Ermegart- Skaldi, Ditmarus’ wife, member of the Unseen Guild (KJ, ch68)


        • Yanko- Tsingano carriage driver, took Imriel to the Temple of Naamah to meet Sidonie before leaving for Alba (KJ, ch16)


        • Micah ben Ximon- Yeshuite warrior & leader (KJ, ch46)
          Ravi- Yeshuite born in Vralia, sailor (KJ, ch47)
          Ethan of Ommsmeer- Yeshuite in Vralia, allowed Berlik to travel with his family, tells Imriel that Berlik went to Miroslas (KJ, ch52)
          Uncle Nisi- Yeshuite in Vralia, related to Ethan of Ommsmeer (KJ, ch52)
          Galia- Yeshuite in Vralia, Ethan of Ommsmeer’s wife (KJ, ch52)
          Adam- son of Galia & Ethan of Ommsmeer (KJ, ch52)
          Avraham ben David- Rebbe of Miroslas, asks Imriel to abandon his quest to kill Berlik (KJ, ch56)


        • Fedor Vral- younger brother of Tadeuz, attempted a rebellion against his brother which was defeated (KJ, ch46)
          Tadeuz Vral- older brother of Fedor, hired Micah ben Ximon to help put down his brother’s rebellion, converted to Yeshuism, king of Vralia, grants sanctuary to anyone who becomes a Yeshuite (KJ, ch46)
          Ernst- wool merchant, Flatlander, helps Imriel & Urist gain passage on a ship from Norstock to Vralgrad (KJ, ch47)
          Iosef- captain of ship from Norstock to Vralgrad, Vralian (KJ, ch47)
          Kirill- sailor injured in storm, dies, Vralian (KJ, ch49)
          Yuri- sailor, find Imriel’s sword belt, Vralian (KJ, ch49)
          Havlik- Vralian guard in Vralgrad (KJ, ch51)
          Jergens- leader of fur traders, allows Imriel passage on ship to Kargad (KJ, ch52)
          Katalena- Vralian woman, has an affair with Maslin (KJ, ch66)
          Lasko- seal hunter, cousin has a ship (KJ, ch67)
          Skovik- Lasko’s cousin, seal hunter, agrees to transport Imriel to Norstock (KJ, ch67)
          Ortwin- Norstok’s harbor master (KJ, ch68)


        • Kebek- Tatar, horse thief, lands Imriel in prison (KJ, ch54)
      • Kushiel's Mercy
        • House Montrève

          Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève - Comtess de Montrève
          Joscelin Verreuil - Phèdre's consort; Cassiline Brother (Siovale)
          Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel - Phèdre's foster-son (also member of the Royal Family)
          Ti-Philippe - chevalier
          Hugues, Gilot (deceased) - men at arms
          Eugènie - mistress of the household, townhouse

          Members of the D'Angeline Royal Family

          Ysandre de la Courcel - Queen of Terre d'Ange; wed to Drustan mab Necthana
          Sidonie de la Courcel - elder daughter of Ysandre; heir to Terre d'Ange
          Alais de la Courcel - younger daughter of Ysandre
          Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel - cousin; son of Benedicte de la Courcel (deceased) and Melisande Shahrizai
          Barquiel L'Envers - uncle of Ysandre; Duc L'Envers (Namarre)

          House Shahrizai

          Melisande Shahrizai - mother of Imriel; wed to Benedicte de la Courcel (deceased)
          Mavros, Roshana, Baptiste Shahrizai - cousins of Imriel

          Members of the Royal Court

          Ghislain nó Trevalion - noble; Royal Commander; son of Percy de Somerville (deceased)
          Bernadette de Trevalion - noble, wed to Ghislain, sister of Baudoin (deceased)
          Bertran de Trevalion - son of Ghislain and Bernadette
          Amaury Trente - noble, former Commander of the Queen's Guard
          Julien and Colette Trente - children of Amaury
          Raul L'Envers y Aragon - son of Nicola and Ramiro (see Aragonia)
          Denise Grosmaine - Secretary of the Presence


          Drustan mab Necthana - Cruarch of Alba, wed to Ysandre
          Breidaia - sister of Drustan, daughter of Necthana
          Talorcan - son of Breidaia
          Dorelei (deceased) - daughter of Breidaia, wed to Imriel
          Sibeal - sister of Drustan, daughter of Necthana, wed to Hyacinthe
          Hyacinthe - Master of the Straits, wed to Sibeal
          Grainne mac Conor - Lady of the Dalraida
          Eamonn, Mairead, Brennan, Caolinn, Conor - Lady Grainne's children
          Brigitta - Skaldi wife of Eamonn
          Urist - commander of the garrison of Clunderry
          Berlik (deceased), Morwen (deceased) - magicians of the Maghuin Dhonn


          Ptolemy Solon - Governor
          Leander Maignard - D'Angeline expatriate
          Deimos - sea-captain


          Astegal, House of Sarkal - General of Carthage
          Jabnit, House of Philosir - gem-merchant
          Sunjata - Jabnit's assistant
          Bodeshmun, House of Sarkal - Chief Horologist
          Gillimas, House of Hiram - magistrate; member of the Unseen Guild
          Maharbal - innkeeper
          Kratos, Ghanim, Carthaginian Brothers One and Two - bearers
          Gemelquart, House of Zinnrid - noble; member of the Unseen Guild


          Roderico de Aragon
          - King of Aragonia
          Justina - member of the Unseen Guild
          Esme - bath-house attendant
          Nicola L'Envers y Aragon - noble; kin to Queen Ysandre
          Ramiro Zornín y Aragon - noble; kin to King Roderico
          Serafin L'Envers y Aragon - son of Nicola and Ramiro
          Rachel - D'Angeline chirurgeon
          Liberio - army general
          Aureliano - army captain
          Marmion Shahrizai - D'Angeline exile
          Paskal - guide
          Leopoldo - Duke of Tibado


          Janpier Iturralde - ambassador
          Bixenta - keeper of the guesthouse
          Nuno Agirre - messenger
          Gaskon, Miquel - soldiers


          Brother Thomas Jubert - Priest of Elua
          Claude de Monluc - Captain of the Dauphine's Guard
          Lelahiah Valais - Queen Ysandre's chirurgeon
          Emile - proprietor of the Cockerel
          Quintilius Rousse - Royal Admiral, father of Eamonn
          Favrielle nó Eglantine - couturiere
          Bérèngere of Namarre - head of Naamah's Order
          Amarante of Namarre - daughter of Bérèngere
          Diokles Agallon - Ephesian ambassador; member of the Unseen Guild
          Jean Le Blanc - noble
          Tibault de Toluard - Marquis of Toluard (Siovale)
          Roxanne de Mereliot - Lady of Marsilikos
          Jeanne de Mereliot - daughter of Roxanne; chirurgeon
          Oppius da Lippi - captain of the Aeolia
          Lucius Tadius da Lucca - friend of Imriel's
          Claudia Fulvia - Lucius' sister; member of the Unseen Guild
          Maslin de Lombelon - former lieutenant in the Dauphine's Guard
          Henri Voisin - captain in the D'Angeline Navy
          Marc Faucon - lieutenant in the D'Angeline Navy
          Gilbert Dumel - D'Angeline barge captain
          Antonio Peruggi - Caerdicci trader
          Isabel de Bretel - Baronesse of Bretel

          Historical Figures

          Benedicte de la Courcel (deceased) - great-uncle of Ysandre; Imriel's father
          Baudoin de Trevalion (deceased) - cousin of Ysandre; executed for treason
          Isidore d'Aiglemort (deceased) - noble; traitor turned her (Camlach)
          Waldemar Selig (deceased) - Skaldi warlord; invaded Terre d'Ange
          Necthana (deceased) - mother of Drustan
          The Mahrkagir (deceased) - mad ruler of Drujan; lord of Darŝanga
          Jagun (deceased) - chief of the Kereyit Tatars
          Gallus Tadius (deceased) - great-grandfather of Lucius
          Cinhil Ru (deceased) - legendary leader of the Cruithne
          Donnchadh (deceased) - legendary magician of the Maghuin Dhonn

    • Moirin Trilogy (Naamah's Kiss, Naamah's Curse, Naamah's Blessing)
      • Naamah's Kiss
        • (The number appearing after the details of each person refers to the page number where they are introduced in the hardcover version of the book.)
        • Alban

          Moirin mac Fainche – child of mixed Maghuin Dhonn/ D’Angeline ancestry and descendant of Alais de la Courcel (1)
          Fainche mac Eithne – mother of Moirin (2)
          Oengus mac Niall– Maghuin Dhonn elder (2)
          Lord Tiernan – Lord of Innisclan at Clunderry castle (3)
          Mabon – uncle to Moirin mac Fainche (9)
          Cillian mac Tiernan – son of Lord Tiernan and Lady Caitlin of Innisclan (22)
          Declan – uncle to Cillian mac Tiernan (35)
          Caitlin – wife of Lord Tiernan (55)
          Aislinn – daughter of Lord Tiernan and Lady Caitlin of Innisclan (52)
          Faolan mab Sibeal – Cruarch of Alba (67)
          Fionn – Academy scholar (72)
          Nemed – Maghuin Dhonn elder (83)
          Camlan – most recent female to pass Maghuin Dhonn rite of adulthood (84)
          Breidh – most recent male to pass Maghuin Dhonn rite of adulthood (84)


          Henri – assistant at Bryony Associates in Alba (101)
          Caroline nó Bryony – proprietor of Bryony Associates in Alba (101)
          Josephe Renniel – captain of the Heart of Gold. (106)
          Benoit Vallon
          – associate at Atelier Favrielle, named for Favrielle nó Eglantine (107)
          Damien – sailor on Heart of Gold and possible descended from Chevalier Philippe Dumont (114-115)
          King Daniel de la Courcel – King of Terre D’Ange (116)
          Theo – Coach driver (122)
          Florette d’Aubert – widowed D’Angeline and sister of Lydia (124)

          Lydia Postel – widowed D’Angeline and sister of Florette (124)

          Queen Jehanne de la Courcel – Queen of Terre D’Ange and former Cereus House adept (125)

          Raphael de Mereliot – D’Angeline scholar and physician and member of Circle of Shalomon (126)
          Denis de Toluard – companion of Raphael de Mereliot and member of Circle of Shalomon (138)
          Nevil – driver for Raphael de Merelio. (139)
          Gerard – house servant of Raphael de Mereliot (153)
          Duc Gautier de Barthelme – descendant of the royal house; lost looking for book of Raziel (135)
          Eleanore de Mereliot – Raphael’s sister and Lady of Marsilikos (170)
          Phanuel Demarre – Moirin’s father and Priest of Naamah (155)
          Noémie d’Etaile – priestess of Naamah at Amarante’s temple (172)
          Jean Michel – footman of Raphael de Mereliot (182)
          Thierry de la Courcel – Prince of Terre D’Ange (186)
          Lord Luchese – life saved by Raphael and Moirin (191)
          Celine – house servant of Raphael de Mereliot (195)
          Daphne – house servant of Raphael de Mereliot (196)
          Lianne Tremaine – King’s Poet and member of the Circle of Shalomon (197)
          Neriel nó Cereus – Dowayne of Cereus House (201)
          Marc de Thibideau – the Comté de Thibideau’s youngest son and companion of Prince Thierry (202)
          Etienne – adept of Cereus House (216)
          Balthazar Shahrizai – companion of Prince Thierry (225)
          Messire Gabon – D’Angeline hunt master (227)
          Rogier Courcel – current Duc de Barthelme (233)
          Balric Maitland – silversmith and member of the Circle of Shalomon (258)
          Claire Fourcay – language scholar and member of the Circle of Shalomon (258)
          Orien de Legasse
          – linguist and member of the Circle of Shalomon (258)
          Marcel – courtier attendant of Queen Jehanne (276)
          Stefan – owner of the Cockrel; an Inn in the Tsingani Quarter (294)
          Marquise d’Llon – aided by Raphael and Moirin during childbirth (296)
          Armande – scion of House Trevalion in dispute with d’Argent family (298)
          Gemma – acolyte of Eisheth’s order (302)
          Marianne Prichard – head priestess of the Temple of Eisheth (302)
          Amélié Sourisse – clothing designer (337)
          Ramiel – priest of Naamah in Namarre (356)
          Sophie – Namarrese woodcutter’s daughter who cared for Moirin’s father (364)
          Luc – Namarrese Woodcutter that cared for Moirin’s father (365)


          Master Lo Feng Tzu – Ch’in Scholar, physician and alchemist (152)
          Bao – half Tatar companion of Master Lo Feng, aka Shangun or Lightning Stick (205)
          General Tsieh – commander of Celestial Ch’in army sent to retrieve Master Lo Feng (384)
          Emperor Zhu – Son of Heaven, Emperor of the Celestial throne of Ch’in (399)
          Xue Hu (Snow Tiger) – Celestial Princes of Ch’in and sole heir (aka) Lady Chan Song (407)
          Lord Jiang Quan – Father –in-law of Xue Hu in opposition to Emperor Zhu (408)
          Li Xiu (Black Sleeve) or Yaozu - Son of Master Lo Feng; sorcerer, physician and alchemist (408)
          Mei – woman for sailors on ship to Ch’in (414)
          Suyin – woman for sailors on ship to Ch’in (414)
          Brother Lei (Thunder) – stick fighter and teacher to Bao (419)
          Lin – Brother Lei’s daughter and former love of Bao (419)
          Admiral Wen Chao – naval commander with Lord Jiang Quan (436)
          Governor Po – of Ludong City (445)
          Madame Po – wife of Ludong City’s Governor Po (446)
          Swordmaster Wu – teacher of Celestial Princess Xue Hu (471)
          Master Guo – calligraphy teacher of Celestial Princess Xue Hu (471)
          Gaomen – stick fighter in Shuntian City (482)
          Tortoise – stick fighter in Shuntian City (482)
          Ten Tigers Dai – leader of stick fighters in Shuntian City (485)
          Liling – tea room hostess (485)
          Kang – friend of Tortoise. (486)
          Jiang Jian – deceased Husband of Xue Hu (519)
          Abbot Hong – head of monastery for the path of Dharma (534)
          The Naxi – farming village on the way to White Jade Mountain. (557)
          Chen Cao – Naxi village boy (558)
          Captain Li Shen
          – captain in Celestial Army (564)

        • Deities, Companions, and Spirits

          Maghuin Dhonn – Alban bear Goddess who inspires her people of the Brown Bear (1)
          Naamah – Companion of Elua (40)
          Elua – first and foremost of D’Angeline gods (40)
          Anael – Companion of Elua; the Star of Love and Good Stewart associated with the land and plants. (41)
          Eisheth – Companion of Elua associated healing and childbirth (62)
          Shemhazai – Companion of Elua associated with knowledge and learning (350)
          Yeshua ben Yosef – Son of the One God (251)
          Valac – lesser spirit of revealing things hidden (260)
          Marbas – lesser spirit (271)
          – lesser spirit that speaks to living creatures (281)
          Focalar – greater spirit of wind and sea; grand Duc of the Fallen (300)
          Sakyamuni – the Enlightened One, Prince of Bhodistan, teacher of Dharma (432)
          Guanyin – She who hears our Prayers; Bhodistani deity (433)
          Dragon of White Jade Mountain – real Dragon whose spirit possessed Celestial Princess Xue Hu (455)

          Legacy or Other

          Donnchadh – Maghuin Dhonn ancestral magician (6)
          Tarbh Cro’ – Alban tribe known as the people of the Red Bull (6)
          Eidlach ‘Or – Alban tribe known as the people of the Golden Hind (6)
          Fhalair Bán – Alban tribe known as the people of the White Horse of Eire (6)
          Cinhil Ru – past leader of the Cullach Gorrym, the people of the Black Boar (6)
          Alais de la Courcel – princess of Terre D’Ange (9)
          Morwen – ancestral Maghuin Dhonn magician and Moirin’s namesake (10)
          Berlik – ancestral Maghuin Dhonn magician (10)
          Conor mac Grainne – husband to Alais de la Courcel (11)
          Arwyn – daughter of Alais de la Courcel and Conor mac Grainne and heir to Cruarch Talorcan (11)
          Grainne – Alban ancestor of the Dalriada (35)
          Hyacynthe – Tsingani friend of Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève and Master of the Straits (27)
          Eamonn mac Grainne – ancestor of Cillian mac Tiernan; founded Academy at Innisclan (30)
          Manannon – water being in Alban folklore (46)
          Drustan mab Necthana – Cruarch of Alba (68)
          Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève – famous Courtier and hero of Terre D’Ange (117)
          Joscelin Verreuil – Cassiline warrior and companion of Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève (114)
          Queen Sidonie de la Courcel – former Queen of Terre D’Ange (132)
          Crown Prince Imriel de la Courcel – husband of Queen Sidonie and D’Angeline legend (132)
          Dorelei mab Breidaia – Crown Prince Imriel’s first wife. (133)
          Chevalier Philippe Dumont
          – sailor and companion of Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève (114)
          Josephine de la Courcel – King Daniel’s mother (187)
          Gautier de la Courcel – King Daniel’s father (187)
          Jean- Philippe de la Courcel – great-uncle to Prince Thierry (187)
          Aniell de la Courcel – King Daniel’s grandfather (187)
          Talorcan – former Cruarch of Alba (188)
          Ysandre de la Courcel – former Queen of Terre D’Ange (188)
          Anafiel Delauney - poet and benefactor of Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève (283)
          Rolande de la Courcel – former Prince of Terre D’Ange (284)
          Percy de Somerville – Lord during time of Phèdre nó Delauney de Montrève (326)
      • Naamah's Curse
        • Ch'in

          Moirin mac Fainche - daughter of Fainche mac Eithne of the Maghuin Dhonn, descendant of Alais de la Courcel (D'Angeline) called Alais the Wise in Alba and Conor mac Grainne of the Dalraida (Alban), and of Phanuel Demarre, Priest of Naamah (D'Angeline)
          Bao – half-Tatar (by General Arslan)/half-Ch'in (born of Yingtai) stick-fighter/acrobat, pupil of Master Lo Feng Tzu
          Master Lo Feng Tzu – Ch’in Scholar, physician and alchemist (deceased)
          Auntie Li - Proprietress of a Ch'in travelers' inn
          Grandmother Fang - squash-seller in Tonghe
          Hui - 10-year-old grandson of Grandmother Fang
          Ang Shen - Bao's mother's husband
          Yingtai - Bao's mother
          Ang Song - Bao's sister
          Auntie Ai - Proprietress of sewing shop where Yingtai and Ang Song work at embroidering
          Chen Peng - Imperial soldier at the Great Wall

          Tatar Territory

          Grandmother Yue - Ch'in Imperial princess descended from his Celestial Majesty Zhu Daoyo and given in marriage to Tatar tribal leader, Khan Oyugun as part of a peace treaty; grandmother to Batu
          Batu - Tatar man, grandson of Grandmother Yue, husband to Checheg
          Checheg - Tatar woman, wife to Batu
          Temur - eldest son of Batu and Checheg, approximately thirteen years old
          Sarangerel - eldest daughter of Batu and Checheg, approximately six or seven years old
          Mongke - youngest son of Batu and Checheg, approximately two or three years old
          Oyun - tribesman of Batu's
          Solongo - tribeswoman of Batu's
          General Arslan - Bao's birth-father
          Erdene - Great Khan Naram's youngest daughter
          Great Khan Naram - leader of Batu's Tatar tribe


          Ilya - Brother in the Church of Yeshua the Ascendant
          Leonid - Brother in the Church of Yeshua the Ascendant
          Pyotr Rostov - Patriarch of Riva, Church of Yeshua the Ascendant
          Luba - wife to Pyotr Rostov
          Valentina - sister to Pyotr Rostov
          Aleksei - nephew to Pyotr Rostov, son of Valentina and an unnamed d'Angeline diplomat
          Avraham ben David - Rebbe who counseled Grand Prince Tadeuz Vral and shepherded the birth of the Church of Yeshua (deceased)
          Vachir - Tatar archer
          Arigh - Vachir's wife
          Polina - innkeeper, wife of Rodya
          Rodya - innkeeper
          Chagan - Tatar tribesman and translator


          Unegen - Tufani grandfather to Dash
          Dash - Tufani boy
          Dorje - Tufani trader
          Laysa - young Tufani woman; one of the Enlightened Ones
          Pemba - Tufani trader
          Nyima - Tufani wife of Dorje
          Maharaja of Chodur - (deceased)
          Manil Datar - caravan master to Bhodistan
          Tashi Rinpoche - boy-monk and tulkus (i.e.: reborn teacher); one of the Enlightened Ones
          Sanjiv - scarred porter in Manil Datar's caravan; friend to animals


          Neena - a girl of eleven or twelve years
          Amrita Sukhyhim - Rani of Bhaktipur; the Lady of Rats; eleven-year widow of Chakresh Sukhyhim
          Chakresh Sukhyhim - former Raja of Bhaktipur, former husband to Amrita, father of Ravindra (deceased)
          Ravindra Sukhyhim - Son of the Rani and Raja of Bhaktipur; ten-year-old heir to the throne
          Hasan Dar - Amrita's Commander of the Guard
          Pradeep - Hasan Dar's second in command


          Tarik Khaga - trainer of assassins, the Falconer, Raja of Kurugiri
          Jagrati - an untouchable in Bhodistan, trainer of assassins, wife to Tarik Khaga; the Spider Queen
          Divyesh Patel - poisoner for Tarik Khaga
          Sudhakar - assassin in Tarik's/Jagrati's lair
          Govind - elderly steward in Khaga's fortress
          Dev - a potter's son


          Sakyamuni - "The Enlightened One" (Gautama Buddha)
          Guanyin - "She Who Hears Our Prayers" (Quanyin)
          Durga - "The Invincible" (Durga)
          Brahma - "God of Creation" (Brahma and/or Brahma)
          Vishnu - "God of Maintenance" (Vishnu)
          Shiva - "God of Destruction" (Shiva)
          Tara - "Mother of Liberation" (Tara)
          Lakshmi - "Goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm." (Lakshmi)
          Krishna - "The Supreme Being" (Krishna)
          Kali - "Eternal Energy" (Kali)
          Hanuman—Hindu deity (Hanuman)
          Ganesha - "Remover of Obstacles" (Ganesha)
      • Naamah's Blessing
        • [Coming soon]
  • Kushielverse Etymology
    • D'Angeline
      • Name Meanings & Their Origins
        • Alais - possibly an Old French form of 'Alice,' which, through some etymological backtracking means "nobly born";
          perhaps based on the name Anaïs, which comes from Anna, which comes from Hebrew Hannah, which means "favour, grace"

          Alcuin - German: noble friend; possibly akin to Alcacysm, a Greek lyric poet (600 BC); Saint Alcuin was a great medieval scholar who encouraged the spread of literacy and founded several educational institutions in Europe.

          Anael - may be derived from "Hannah" meaning "grace" in Hebrew. The name would then be another transcription of 'Hannael' (grace of God; beauty of God), or more commonly Haniel, one of the seven archangels in Jewish faith.
          The spelling might indicate that it is in fact a compound name from the Hebrew elements 'ana' and 'el', thus meaning "song of God" or "God has answered".
          As a male name, first used in France in the 1960s, Anaël is also believed to be a blend of the name Anne and the Breton suffix -aël to make a male version of Anne, a very popular name in Brittany.
          Note: Anael is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

          Baudoin - from Germanic: brave friend (BOD-wun)

          Bernadette - French: brave as a bear

          Camael - Hebrew: strength of God
          Note: Camael is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

          Cassiel - Hebrew: my cover is God
          Note: Cassiel is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

          Claire - French: clear, bright, illustrious, famous

          Claude - Latin: lame, disabled

          Claudia - Latin: lame, disabled

          Denise - French: devotee of Dionysus; derived from Dennis- Dionysus

          Drustan - Ancient Celtic diminutive of Drust. Became "Tristan" when the spelling was altered, courtesy of Tristan and Isolde, to link it with the Latin "triste", meaning "sad".

          Eamonn - Irish form of Old English Eadmund, which means "prosperous, happy warrior". Suits the younger but not the older.

          Edmee - French: prosperous protection

          Eleazar - Hebrew: God has helped; God is my help

          Elua - 'el' means God in Hebrew

          Emile - from Latin aemulus: to emulate, to be industrious; rival

          Enoch - Hebrew: educated, dedicated, devoted

          Estelle - Latin: star

          Frederic - French variation of English Frederick, peaceful ruler

          Gerard - Germanic: strength of the spear

          Ghislain - French: pledge, vow, hostage
          From the Germanic element "ghil" meaning "promise, vow" but also referring to a servant who let himself be captured for the sake of his master - a voluntary hostage.

          Helena - Greek: torch

          Hubert - English: bright mind, intelligent

          Hyacinthe - Greek: hyacinth. Mythological name.

          Imriel - Hebrew: eloquence of God

          Isabel - Spanish: God is my oath; Hebrew: my god is a vow

          Isidore - Greek: gift of Isis

          Jean/Jeanne/Jehane - French: God is gracious

          Joscelin - French form of Hebrew Jacoba, feminine of Jacob, which means 'supplanter, substitute.'
          From the Germanic masculine name Gautzelin, which was derived from the name of a Germanic tribe, the Gauts. This name was brought to England by the Normans in the form Goscelin or Joscelin, and was common until the 14th century. It was revived in the 20th century primarily as a feminine name, perhaps an adaptation of the surname Jocelyn (a medieval derivative of the given name).

          Juliette - French form of English Juliet, youthful

          Kushiel - punisher of God
          Note: Kushiel is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

          Leander - Greek: lion of a man. Mythological name.

          Lisette - French: God is my oath; Hebrew: my god is a vow

          Luc - either from Latin, lux (meaning light) or from Greek, of Lucania

          Lucius - Latin: light

          Marc - French: warlike, from Latin Mars

          Marguerite - French: pearl

          Melisande - Possibly a variant of the Old French name Melisende; from the Germanic Millicent, from 'amalwint'. Amal means "labour", and swint "strength".
          Some, though, associate it with the Greek name Melissa (honey-bee).

          Micah - Hebrew: Who is like God?

          Micheline - French: Who is like God, French form of Michael

          Millard - from an English surname: guardian of the mill

          Naamah - Hebrew: pleasant, beautiful
          Note: Naamah is an angel in Judeo-Christian apocryphal mythology.

          Percy - French, diminutive of Percival: Pierce valley, derived from Perseus

          Phedre - from Greek Phaedra: the shining one; bright

          Phillippe - from Greek Philippos: lover of horses

          Quintilius - A Roman dimunitive derived from Quintus, meaning fifth

          Raife - French form of Germanic Ralph, wolf council

          Renee - French: reborn

          Rousse - red or Russian

          Roxanne - English: dawn

          Royce - English: of a famous kin

          Sara - Hebrew: princess

          Sidonie - Latin: of Sidon (a Phoenician city); French: fine cloth

          Simon (Ximon) - Hebrew: he heard; listening

          Thomas - Aramaic: twin

          Tsingani, Tsingano - gypsy

          Victor - Latin: winner, conqueror

          Vivianne - French: alive

          Yvonne - French: yew
    • Tsingani
      • Tsingani Vocabulary
        • baro kumpai: the four mightiest kumpanias.

          chaidrov: a route-marker, a symbol known only to Tsingani.

          chavi: girl

          chavo: boy

          czokai: profit

          dandos: brains

          Didikani: halfbreed

          dromonde: the art of speaking prophecy, either looking into the future or the past, generally a natural-born talent in women. It is vrajna for men to speak the dromonde. Base word of "drom" or "road", so literally: seeing down the long road

          gadje: non-Tsingani people (gadjo for males; presumably gadji for females)

          galb: coin-wrought jewelry

          gavvering: strict, belligerent

          grya: horses

          Hokkano: the many ways Tsingani part D'Angelines from their money

          Kralis: king, sovereign

          kumpania: a tribe or clan

          khushti gurya: good horses for sale

          lav: name or acclaim

          laxta: the unsullied virtue of a Tsingani woman. If a woman loses her laxta, she loses all her worth

          Lungo Drom: the "Long Road" that all Tsingani travel

          mulo: ghost, spirit

          rinkeni chavo: pretty boy

          tseroman: headman of a family or kumpania

          vrajna: unclean, forbidden, against the Tsingani code of behavior




Member Contributed Articles 


Alyssum House: "Sin", "Shame"/Elua and His Companions
by Averet Abrahil

"I have come to believe that there is something centrally D’Angeline about Alyssum House, the essential tenants of which are modesty and humility.  I have turned to a treatment of D’Angeline religion and history in order to better explain my thesis that, in fact, Alyssum House and its precepts are more in keeping with a deeply held belief system that is part of D’Angeline life." 


Why Our Love Hurts - A Quick Whip Through the Hows and Whys of Sadomasochism
by Antoine nó Pluinceid

"One of the more concrete examples of early sadomasochism is the Kama Sutra, which advocates the use of biting, slapping and scratching, dedicating three chapters of its second part to such practices.  But why is it that we find solace and pleasure in such a ‘strange’ manner? There are a few schools of thought in relation to that question, and I will touch on the psychoanalytic, the social and the biological perspectives..."


Alyssum: A Study of Its Diversity
by Anchille nó Heliotrope

"Sweet Alyssum...Magical Uses: Used as an amulet to "expel charms." Hung in the house, it protects against fascination, a magical process known as "glamour." Alyssum can also cool down an angry person if put in the hand or on the body of the angry person."


The Cassiline Brotherhood
by Lady Calarriel Nevone

"The Brotherhood is so respected that, for many years, the ruler of Terre D’Ange was guarded and protected by Cassiline Brothers. To be a Cassiline means to protect and serve, a philosophy that is ingrained in all members of the brotherhood."